Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Just a hexing away!

Not much got done on this UFO ..... busy doing more chores for the winter here at home and at the cottage.

As you can see, just a few hexies were added to the left side of this section with the right hand side still to be done.  This is a good take along project for this winter and I will work on it here and there.

These are the bits that will be added and they are grouped in sections so that I don't get confused.  They are just pinned onto an old machine quilting mat that I've hung onto just for this purpose.  Doesn't my quilting look good?  That was way back when I was going to do my own quilting on my domestic sewing machine.  Scrap that idea but hang onto the mats to be used for whatever.
This past weekend, members of the family went back to the cottage to do a burn of brush that were in piles along our cottage road.  No photos were taken, but a good deed has been taken care of.  A burning permit was obtained and the fire dept. called for permission before starting the burn.  The pile burned into the night but snow fell to help keep the embers contained.

A few of us stayed the night and once the temperature gets below freezing, it is a quilt and a blanket kind of sleep.

My sister and I stopped at the bridge to see the progress of the dam.  This dam has been flowing like this for over three weeks now and it is still flowing.  It is times like this when we wish we had a drone to fly back to the beyond to see what and how many dams are back there.
Ice is starting to form along the edges of the pond.
While looking down at the footing of the bridge, I spied a fish skeleton.
Here is a closer look.  Odd place for that and we wondered what animal had a meal.  We did see an eagle this summer, so maybe it caught the fish and ate it at the bridge.  Who knows.  Just a wonder of nature.
There is a slight depression just at the entrance to the bridge and water that accumulated there has frozen.  Our tires broke up the ice as we drove over it.
At the cottage, ice is starting to form on the lake.  Here you can see the ice at the lake shore and also out towards the center of the lake.  Wherever you don't see any ripples on the surface of the water, that is where ice is forming.
I could hear a motor running and what sounded like ice being broken up in a bucket.  What in the world?  I walked to the edge of the lake and took this photo of a boat (that blob in the water) breaking up the ice in the bay.
My sister and I need to take one more run to the cottage.  We seem to have a mice problem and want to try a bucket trap.  We have heard it is quite effective.

As I write this post, it is snowing outside.  Will it stay or melt?  

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Jennifer said...

Oh wow....that water is flowing well, isn't it! Yes, it would be interesting to see from above. Sure looks a bit chilly.....I would be staying inside by the fire......LOL Love the fabrics you are using for your quilt.

cityquilter grace said...

loving that quilt so far rosemarie....and nice pix of your cottage location...bad rainstorm here overnight but no snow of course...

Julierose said...

I just love that quilt pattern--so pretty--great colors you've chosen too. Hugs, Julierose

Anne Kirby said...

Yeah, I don't have to go to a cottage to see mousies, I saw one in my kitchen last night!! Hubby wants to try traps. Cats are uninterested.

Cuba said...

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