Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Prepping hand work

My life is a tad topsy turvy right now.  After my aunt passed away last month, my elderly cousin needs assistance and a week ago, he ended up in hospital.  It is so hard when we are a five hour drive away from him.

So, whenever he is able to leave the hospital, I will be heading back either to look after him for a few weeks or help pack up his apartment in the event that he is to be moved into a nursing home instead.  Uncertain times ahead for all of us.

Whatever happens, I need to be prepared to spend time away from home.  That means .... hand work!

This is on my design wall right now.  See those apple cores on the right?  That is my hand work project.
These apple cores were gifted to me and I need to make a few more to fill in the empty spaces.  There are enough pieces to make a nice wall hanging to go along with my other two apple core quilts.
On the left side of my design wall is a new project to use up large pieces of scrap fabrics.  The pattern is called "Winding Ways" and I will have to look for the pattern to get the designer.  More about this later.
I did finish this last section of my hexagon project.  The centre applique sections can be designed now and prepped for another hand work project to take with me later.
Regardless, there is one hand work project to take with me to last a week or two.  I'm prepared.

Cherish your day!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

First ufo of the year done!

Well .... I did it.  It only took 15 years to bring this ufo to a flimsy stage!  Exciting, isn't it!  LOL

But .... I did have an issue.  Like the section on the left.  All those pieces were neatly sewn together.  Except, it was one row too short at the bottom!  Lordy, how did that happen?  Back into my 2-1/2" square bin to find four more pieces.

Outer borders were getting added.  Hmmm .... what about doing some patches in the four cornerstones?
Yes, I do like that a lot.  Finally ... done!  Fifteen years later and done within a number of weeks.   I'm not sure I really like this top, but done is a good thing.   This top finishes at 60" x 80-1/2".   There are still a lot of those bigger HST's.  Something will be done with them.  Maybe show up in a border?  Who knows.
So, cross off one ufo off that list!  Many, many more to go.
What will be worked on next?  This project.
This is the last section to go.  All the remaining rows are in zip lock bags ready to take with me or work on in the evenings.  Once this section is done, then I can start playing with the applique in the cross center sections. 
Cherish your day!

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Getting closer

Well, I got myself back into the sewing mood and before I knew it, the side pieces were all sewn together on this ufo.  How happy I was to get them done.
Since the going was good ..... might as well prep for the last star block.  A few hst's needed to be made first and I got going on making those.
Before I knew it, the last star block was done and then .... Lordy ..... the last crazy block got done too!
I so feel like this ufo is kicking and screaming not to get done.  It is dragging it's feet!

Borders have now been cut out and they will get done tomorrow.  Fifteen minutes of sewing here and there during the day sure does make a difference.

I'm so determined to finally cross this ufo off my list!

Cherish your day!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

New month

January went by in a blur.  Heck, November, December and January did too.  Travelling back and forth to visit with my sick aunt occupied most of my time.

Sadly, my aunt passed away a week ago.  She got her wish to be moved to a hospice and that is where she ended her life.  She was the last member on my Mom's side and a generation has now ended.  Rest in peace, Aunt Bette, rest in peace.

Due to my staying on for a few extra days to sort and pack up her belongings, I did bring some handwork with me to work on.

A new project got started ...... this one I couldn't resist.  Cassandra's Circle from Civil War Quilts.  It is a free BOM project.  Some of the leaves for the borders were cut out and prepped for sewing.  Many more are needed, but this is a good start.
Then, some more work got done on my EPP project.  A lot of basting on these tiny diamonds took up most of my time and a few diamonds got sewn onto a section of my project.
I was so glad  to have this work with me.  The only thing is my stuff smells of cigarette smoke.  My cousin is a smoker and although he smoked by the stove with the exhaust fan working, the smoke smell still got into my bags and my fabric.  My projects are now being aired to rid them of the smell. 

Oh well .....

Once I got home, this project on my design wall kept calling to me.  The right side border is now sewn together.  The left side border is slowing being worked on.  I will plug away on this project until it is done. 
Cherish your day!