Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Oh hexie, hexie, hexie

The left hand side of this section has been added .... now onto the right side.

.... and, before I knew it ..... just like that ..... this section is done.  Three rows added to the top and bottom!  Just need to do the remaining three sections.
I needed to clear up my design wall to get this UFO up and running.  More on this for a later post.
In order to clear the design wall, all my hexies for the other sections were carefully removed and pinned and labelled onto this fabric.  Don't these hexies look wonderful on that dark fabric?  This is giving me ideas for my next EPP project .... because after this one is done, there are no EPP projects to do.  Mind you, I do have a quilt-as-you-go hexie project .... but why not have another one to fall back on?!  LOL

My sister and I went back to the cottage to set up a bucket mouse trap.  No photos taken, but we are hoping that this will work.  We also caught a mouse in the garage a few weeks ago.  They are looking for warmth and food and any opportunity they come in.  We have had mice in our garage and also our home, but a simple mouse trap is easy to set up and maintain and check on.  Our cottage is closed until next May and if mice do get in, they make a bit of a mess and smell.  So, that bucket is our next option to try out.  In the past, we have set up mouse seed and they do work somewhat, but the mice still make a mess.

Of course, we stopped at the bridge again to take a look at the dam.  What a difference a few days make.  The ice has really taken hold and doesn't the fall of water look interesting with the ice forming at the base.  

The lake has now frozen over with a layer of snow on top.  The ice is not safe to venture onto until we have had a few weeks of very cold temps.

I've been busy making pillowcases for toddler pillows.  No photos.  I just made them and passed them on.

My two grandnieces wanted stockings for their hamsters for Xmas.  One is called 'cow' and the other is 'hammy'.  What do you think of their drawings so far?  I just drew the stocking outline onto the fabric and told them not to draw beyond the solid lines.

Here are the finished stockings.  They had tremendous fun drawing and colouring their designs onto the fronts of the stockings.  The hamster names will be written at the top onto the headers.  They are so thrilled with their stockings and I'm quite proud of them!

On my hubby front .... he is getting help with his speech.  His stuttering is what twigged me to get him diagnosed for Parkinson's.  He does have frozen moments and words just can't come out of him.  I'm glad he will get some help.  It must be so frustrating for him, but he deals with it best he can.

So, that was my life during these past few days!

Cherish your day, cherish your life!

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Just a hexing away!

Not much got done on this UFO ..... busy doing more chores for the winter here at home and at the cottage.

As you can see, just a few hexies were added to the left side of this section with the right hand side still to be done.  This is a good take along project for this winter and I will work on it here and there.

These are the bits that will be added and they are grouped in sections so that I don't get confused.  They are just pinned onto an old machine quilting mat that I've hung onto just for this purpose.  Doesn't my quilting look good?  That was way back when I was going to do my own quilting on my domestic sewing machine.  Scrap that idea but hang onto the mats to be used for whatever.
This past weekend, members of the family went back to the cottage to do a burn of brush that were in piles along our cottage road.  No photos were taken, but a good deed has been taken care of.  A burning permit was obtained and the fire dept. called for permission before starting the burn.  The pile burned into the night but snow fell to help keep the embers contained.

A few of us stayed the night and once the temperature gets below freezing, it is a quilt and a blanket kind of sleep.

My sister and I stopped at the bridge to see the progress of the dam.  This dam has been flowing like this for over three weeks now and it is still flowing.  It is times like this when we wish we had a drone to fly back to the beyond to see what and how many dams are back there.
Ice is starting to form along the edges of the pond.
While looking down at the footing of the bridge, I spied a fish skeleton.
Here is a closer look.  Odd place for that and we wondered what animal had a meal.  We did see an eagle this summer, so maybe it caught the fish and ate it at the bridge.  Who knows.  Just a wonder of nature.
There is a slight depression just at the entrance to the bridge and water that accumulated there has frozen.  Our tires broke up the ice as we drove over it.
At the cottage, ice is starting to form on the lake.  Here you can see the ice at the lake shore and also out towards the center of the lake.  Wherever you don't see any ripples on the surface of the water, that is where ice is forming.
I could hear a motor running and what sounded like ice being broken up in a bucket.  What in the world?  I walked to the edge of the lake and took this photo of a boat (that blob in the water) breaking up the ice in the bay.
My sister and I need to take one more run to the cottage.  We seem to have a mice problem and want to try a bucket trap.  We have heard it is quite effective.

As I write this post, it is snowing outside.  Will it stay or melt?  

Cherish your day, cherish your life!

Thursday, November 16, 2023

UFO Time

This old UFO got pinned onto the design wall in hopes for some inspiration to suddenly come to light ..... and I figured out what to do.

First off,  my star was going to be at the centre and then go with circles.  No, that won't do.   The circles were just not enough. ... as in .... blah!
How about alternating one of the circles with leaves.  Yes, this works for me.  
Then, I decided to lengthen the top by adding 3 rows to the top and bottom of each section.  While pulling fabrics, I found that quite a number of fabrics used are not around anymore (they got all used up) and I had to put in new fabrics along with any of the older fabrics so that the new rows would not look too different.  Below is one section almost complete and ready for assembly.  There will be some ripping out to do first, but it will not be too much of a problem.
This week, four more quilts were picked up from the LAer.  That will probably be it until the spring as I just don't like driving the highway during winter.  I mentioned that tidbit to the LAer and she had thought the same thing.  The older we get, the less comfortable we are about winter driving.
So, this winter will see me working away on my UFO list and that is always a good thing!

Hubby and I have just finished our chores in readiness for winter.  A list has been made so that nothing will be forgotten for next year.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Promise of Spring or Serendipity

Either title is perfect.  This is a Kim Diehl ..... or, rather, my version of her pattern.  

In the magazine that I used, it is known as "Promise of Spring" but in her book "Simple Comforts", it is known as "Serendipity Sampler".

You can read all about how this quilt differs so much from her original pattern.  Just go to the label at the bottom of this post and click onto Kim Diehl and you will be able to read about all her quilts that I have made in the years gone by.  Going and looking at all those posts, it was a refresher for me too and was quite enjoyable to read them all.

How lovely my quilt looks resting on fallen leaves.
I had to put my initials and date when this was finished.  It took me a long time .... as in years ..... to pluck up the courage to send this out to be machine quilted.  So, so glad that I did because now it can be fully enjoyed and used.  
Bins of my stash of  plaid/striped charms, yardage and thrift store shirts were pulled out and used .... and I really, really need to make more quilts with these fabrics along with applique.  There is just something about the whole look and I just want to take lots and lots of photos of my quilt ..... but don't want to bore you either!  LOL

This, by far, has to be my favourite quilt!  

Quilt Details:

Source:  "Promise of Spring" in American Patchwork & Quilting, February 2007 issue.  Also, in Kim Diehl's book  Simple Comforts (pattern name changed to "Serendipity").  I have both but bought the magazine first and that is what I worked from.

Started:  June 2013

Top Finished:  March 2014 .... but then added additional borders in 2023 to make it bigger before sending it out to the LAer.

Quilt Finished:  October 2023

Quilt Size:  99-1/2" x 100-1/4" (top size before quilting, washing & drying:  101-1/2" x 101-3/4")

Batting:  Hobbs poly

This was such a pleasure to work on and I still amaze myself how it changed from Kim Diehl's original pattern.  I loved it so much that it just had to be bigger to fit my queen size bed.

Machine quilted by:  Kathy Wareham using Edgewood #1 design by Christy Dillion of My Creative Stitches.

A few final photos of this quilt on the wall in our foyer.   I hope you enjoyed reading about this project as I worked on it.

All I can say is "amen"!  LOL

Cherish your day, cherish your life!

Monday, November 6, 2023

Donation quilts

How lovely to be handing off these quilts for the Women's Shelter in a nearby town.

A baby quilt.

A lap size.  There are more nine patch blocks sitting in a bin that can easily be made into more like this quilt.
My friend Darlene had these in her closet and she gave them to me for the shelter.  Both are lap size.
This quilt has flannel patches on one side and denim on the other, no batting.  Perfect for a boy.
So good to give to others coming from an abusive situation.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Binding Challenge and a Bit of This and That

October was a good month for me and no-blog Mary.

Mary finished her quilt as well as adding some big stitch quilting to it.  I'm so glad the heat of the summer is over and Mary was able to resume her binding challenge with me.

Mary reached into a bag and viola .... this is her quilt to bind for November.
My October binding challenge quilt will be shown in a later post ..... so stay tuned for that reveal.

But, for November, these are the quilts that I will be doing.  For sure, the first two (they are for donation) and then possibly my log cabin.  Hubby really likes that quilt, so it just may get done and hung up on the wall this month.  All these quilts went to the LAer and were all back a week later.  I love that.  Instant gratification!
October saw me quite busy finishing up a few more tops.  I don't know where I found the time to do these, but they got done and off to the LAer they went.  In fact, this top is now one of the above quilts that will get done this month.
Remember this pile of blocks that was shown in a post last month?
Well, here they are in a top!  This is the second top that I have made using this pattern by Villa Rosa called "Berry Smoothie" and I will be making more of them.
Now, onto the topic of our cottage.  It is now closed for the season.  During our driving in and out of the cottage road all summer long, my sister and I always stopped at this bridge to look at the dam.  This last trip, we stopped and just had to take these photos.  It was overflowing big time all along the rim and we actually think that it has broken naturally because of the amount of rainfall we have had recently.

The stream on the other side of the bridge was flowing quite a lot!  All summer, it has just been a slow fall of water, but with the breakdown of the dam, it is flowing wildly now.
Back in the city, below are a couple of deer spotted just a few days ago on our neighbours lawn.  They were munching on all the fallen crab apples and they had a feast.
Halloween night .... it snowed big time.  Still, 32 brave kids came and picked up their treats from us.  The next morning, this is what we woke up to.  Four inches of snow had fallen.  Most of it is gone now, but there is still snow on the ground.  This snow fall is quite early for us.  So glad that my winter tires are already installed on the car.
So, that is me all caught up now.  Whew ..... October was quite a busy month!

Cherish your day, cherish your life!