Friday, February 27, 2009

Different siggies

I just can’t seem to get enough of siggies these days. So ….. to feed the craving, I have joined this new siggie group and have finished working on my 60 blocks which are due to send April 15.

Hooray …. I’m ahead of the game and so glad that I didn’t wait until a few weeks before the deadline to start working on them. These blocks seemed to take forever to finish.

It is funny, because I saw these siggies a few years ago and was not interested in them at all for swapping. Not at all. Then suddenly, a few months ago ... wham .... I just had to have them. Lately, I seem to find things that would not even stir a flicker of interest in me in the past until suddenly 'click' and the lightbulbs are flashing and I am very interested. So, you just never know when the 'click' will happen to you.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Making hexagons

You may have noticed lately that I have been a bit quiet with my quilting. There is a reason for that ….. I have been making hexagons. Since I joined The Great Hexagon Quilt-Along blog, I just seem to be obsessed with making more and more each day and they really are addictive.
Here is ¼ of my queen size quilt..... well, once these two sections are sewn together, it will be. The look is cottagey (is that a word?) and that is exactly what I was aiming for with this quilt. My garden is growing day by day and I’m loving it.

Have a great day!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Australia bush fire blocks

Lately, I have been busy making blocks and hexagons to send to Australia.

These are my blocks that were sent to Janet for quilts. The quilts will be given to homeless folks from those crazy bush fires.These hexagons and a pin cushion are for Robyn. Not only is the need for quilts in demand, but also craft projects for those folks that need something to do with their hands as time drags on. Hexagons are a good project as all that is needed is a needle and thread and a pair of scissors.

The hexagon project will be on-going and I'll be making up more each month to send to Australia for as long as they are needed.

So, if you want to help out, just visit those blogs. There are other blogs as well that are requesting help, but I'm just associating with these two.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My latest siggies have been arriving pretty steadily. Even my DH looks forward to seeing my siggies in the mail and where they come from. I love to hear about their lives and why they chose their siggy motif.
#1 - Petronella, France
#2 – Fenny, The Netherlands
#3 – Tonny, The Netherlands
#4 – Alberta, Italy
#5 – Manie, The Netherlands
#6 – Magdi, Hungary
#7 – Marion, Germany
#8 – Marga,The Netherlands
#9 – Julie, Australia
#10 – Ann, France Ann was the recipient of a mini quilt that I made for the 4SQS swap last year and when I saw her siggy, I just had to have one from her.
#11 - Mary, Florida, USA
#12 - Heike, Germany
#13– Teresa, Oregon USA
#14– Irmgard, Germany
#15– Marie-Louise, Switzerland

There are more to show but I need to get them pinned onto a board for photo taking. Instead of doing that, I have been busy working on blocks and hexagons to send to a couple of different places for victims of the bushfires in Australia. They need to be mailed ASAP as the folks down under need time to work on the blocks and quilts for the cooler weather approaching.

Have a great day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's a Chore

Some days, it is just too hard to clean the house. Why, you ask? The girls would rather play.
So while Ashes literally has me stopped in my tracks,Hank is head-first in the toy bucket sniffing out the perfect toy.

Oh, what the heck ….. I’ll play with them for a bit and once they are all tuckered out and snoozing, I’ll continue my cleaning. Life is too short and we all have to stop and play.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Quilts on Ladder ... continued

Now, this quilt has not been shown on my blog. It was made quite a number of years ago and is hand quilted.
The pattern is the same as this quilt. Quite a difference in the colour variation and I am always amazed by looking at these two quilts what you can do with colour and a great variety of scraps.
Enjoy and have a great day!
Pattern source: Uneven Plaid from McCall's Quick Quilts, Nov. 1999

Quilts on Ladder

As promised, here are the quilts that were displayed on my ladder. You have seen these (all but one quilt) before. Instead of having you clicking back to previous posts, I have decided to just show you the quilts again.

These photos were all taken from our deck amongst the knee deep piles of snow.
When you look at these quilts, can you tell that blue is my favourite colour?

more on the next post ......

Monday, February 2, 2009

Blooming Flowers and fabric help

Here it is at last …. Blooming Flowers. I had help with the name (thanks KDL) and many thanks to all that left suggestions. There are a few suggested names that I will use for upcoming quilts that have flowers in the pattern.

I am go glad that I went with the ‘what if ’ idea which resulted in this quilt.

For such a wee quilt, it has been long in finishing. I hope that you were not bored with my long drawn out photos showing the progress along the way
These booklets were my source for the embroidered flowers. I bought these about 30 yrs. ago and hardly used them until now. I will be planning more quilts using these booklets. Most of the patterns had to be reduced to fit into the octagons.
In search of fabric .....

My SIL wants to make a quilt similar to this one. This quilts hangs in an oncology office at a Terrace, B.C. hospital and she has admired this quilt for a while now.

Do you see the angel fabric? Does anyone know where we can find this fabric?

Have a great day!