Sunday, April 29, 2012

An Autumn Trip

Finish number 4!  Happy days are here again .....  It has been a bit of a journey starting with my tutorial on how to make this quilt to plugging away at hand quilting.  Having a schedule set up to motivate me to do a bit of hand quilting each day sure paid off big time in getting this quilt finished.  I will continue to use a schedule again to motivate me any time.

I definitely will be making another one of these quilts.  The actual process of making the blocks and top was fairly quick to do.  Has anyone out there made a quilt following my tutorials?  I would love to see your version!

For those of you who wish to make one too, please look at my Labels (on the left hand side of my blog, way down towards the bottom) and look for An Autumn Trip - Tutorial.  Click on and scroll down to part one of the tutorial and go from there.

The back really shows off my hand quilting.  No wonder the lady who left a comment in a previous post thought this was a whole cloth quilt.

Here is a close-up shot of my hand quilting.

This is how my labels have been done lately.  It is quick and easy to do.  By making my labels like this, I ensure that labels make it onto my quilts since they get sewn on before the binding is attached.


Have a great day, eh!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New quilt

I have been going through quilt withdrawl and after cutting out strips for our We 3 Quilters quilt (see previous post), I kept on pulling fabrics from my new FQ bundles and kept right on cutting.

Don't you just love this new pattern?

Have a great day!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Strip cutting

No blog Mary of We 3 Quilters came over this past Monday afternoon to cut strips for this quilt (scroll down to the strippy quilt) that Debra recently made. Mary was just too busy to look up! :o)

Our plan is for all 3 of us to exchange strips so that we have almost identical quilts. We will be exchanging our strips in an upcoming get-together and then have a sew day in May at my place. We will be having fun, fun, fun!

About a month ago, a purchase was made of some FQ bundles and that is what I used for my strips.

Of course, Miss Hank and Miss Ashes had to join in our fun!

Have a great day!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Onto binding

Now that my An Autumn Trip quilt has been all hand quilted, it is time to move onto the binding and a label! Once I reached the half way point, my eagerness to finish this quilt took over and it feels so good to be able to start cutting out and sewing on the binding.The blue striped fabric is what I will use for the binding.
Have a great day!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I was out-of-town for a week, but took along my An Autumn Quilt to work on and a lot sure got done. It was heaven .... no cat trying to get on top of my quilt frame and deciding it was a good place to have a long nap! There is just one corner remaining to hand quilt and 2-1/4 borders still to do and then add the binding. It is getting so close to being done, I can hardly contain myself! :o)
To the lady that left a comment on a previous post about my whole cloth quilt ..... sorry but this is the back of my quilt that you thought was a whole cloth. Years ago, I took a class on designing my own whole cloth pattern and perhaps one day you will see a tutorial from me on how to do your own too.
Miss Hank is sure eye-balling those threads. I already caught her trying to chew one thread and had to pull it from her throat just before this shot was taken. That was a caution reminder to me to hide my threads and fold my quilt up when not in use.
Have a great day!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Booties galore

While we were visiting my SIL (the same one that did all the quilts in the last post) she brought out a box and showed me the contents. What a surprise to look and see these. Have you ever seen so many baby booties?

There are 2 levels of booties in that box and all will be for upcoming great-grand children. Let's do some math. She has 10 children and they all have at least 2 or more children and now those children are having babies. There are 30 pairs of baby booties in that box ..... I think she will need to knit more!

She graciously gave me 2 pairs to give to my niece for her upcoming baby shower.
Have a great day!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Old fashioned look

I have to show you some quilts that my SIL in a rural town in Quebec made many years ago. Whenever DH and I visit, there is always a portable hand project that I bring along with me. Over the years, she has seen my work and has always oohed and aahed, along with a lot of lovely French words, over my projects. On our last visit a week ago, I snuck into their upstairs bedrooms and snapped photos of all her quilts on the beds. Have a peek at them.

Can you see her style? For all her quilts, she used polyester knit fabrics and did an embroidery stitch all around the raw edges. With this type of fabric, there is no need to roll the raw edge and then applique or embroider the pieces in place. The first quilt has batting but not the others as they are used as a summer bedspread.
What can I say, except I love these quilts! Simple but sweet!
Have a great day, eh!