Thursday, March 29, 2012

Table and chairs

Since our new home will be a little bit bigger than our current home, there was a need to go out and buy some furniture for our kitchen and dining room. So, off to a few thrift store I went with Debra to look and see what can be found. Actually, we went shopping at a quilt store first and then went thrifting .... but that is another story. :o)

First off, I bought this antique table ($100.00) that you can only see part of in the photo below. It was quite the struggle to get this table into a storage pod that is currently sitting in our driveway and there is no way it is coming out for a photo. You will have to be patient and wait to see it in our new home. Can you see the balled feet? It is absolutely gorgeous.

This antique table was quite the find and I left Debra guarding it while I went to the cash to pay for it. In the thrift store, the table was partially hidden and it was only after we pulled it out to get a better look that other people in the store saw it and came over and suddenly they were interested in it also.

Originally, the price was $200.00 but there was a 50% sale on all furniture that day and that is how I got it for $100.00. Lucky or what! We couldn't take it with us that day but returned the next day and looked around the store for chairs and Debra talked (she wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer) the manager into letting me buy just the chairs (they came with a table which I didn't want) and he debated about it and finally sold them to me for $40.00 for the 6 chairs! Good Lord, I was having a great time of it. All of these chairs will be painted after we move but they will be perfect for our kitchen.

Then, this past weekend, DH and I went to a nearby senior citizens' residence for a furniture sale and we came home with this Duncan Fife table and 4 chairs ($275.00 for the set). I already own a Duncan Fife table and 4 chairs but the new-to-me table is a classier model which we will use in our dining room. My chair set has the blue seat cover. Now, all the chairs will get re-uphostered and can all be used together with this table. The 2 sets of chairs are slightly different, but the style is the same and all will work just fine together. The greenish colour seat covers are all needlepoint and they will be removed and framed. Some lady spent a lot of time making those seat covers and I will honour her work by framing them.
So, no more thifting for me, eh!
Have a great day!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hand work

Slowly, but surely, I'm making progress on my Autumn Trip quilt. So far, it looks like half of my quilt has been done. I would love to have this lap quilt finished before we move because there will be a lot of work sorting, etc. to do and there won't be much time for any serious quilting for a few months.

In the meantime, my Got Dots project was found and 3 more blocks got done! Yeah! Only 10 more blocks to do and then I can start to assemble the centre portion and think about what to do for borders.
Have a great day!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Another UFO!

Here I go again ..... working on another UFO and trying to get back on track with my daily hand quilting schedule. With the help of Miss Ashes (of course), this top got marked up. This is what the quilting will look like on the top .....
... the back shows up the quilting a lot better. For the backing, I'm using a cotton curtain that was purchased from IKEA a few years ago. It is a wee bit stiffer than regular quilting cotton, but it still quilts up OK.
Have a great day, eh!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gathering of Pumpkins

We have sold our house and bought another one to live in come June. It was 30 yrs. ago when we moved into our current house and I just don't remember the stress that goes along with a move back then. So, we have a couple of months to sit back and relax and then get serious about packing.

We de-cluttered a lot before putting our place up for sale and now, I can't find anything. My studio is almost non-existent and cabin fever was starting to set in since no quilting/sewing of any kind was done for almost a full month.

Mind you, having my studio all packed up is forcing me to work on my UFO's. I decided to just work on those and not start anything new. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to get a few tops finished over the next few months.

This is my 3rd finish for the year and a bit early for autumn; but it will be ready to get hung up on the wall for display along with my collection of pumpkins come September. Here is a peek at the hand quilting. This grid design is one that I will do again. I just love it!

There are still a few threads to be tucked into the quilt and a hanging sleeve to be added. Right now, I can't find the material for the sleeve. Once we are moved it will surface at some point. :o) My label has been sewn on .... so this quilt is finished.

Quilt size: 48" wide x 47-1/4" high

Quilt source: Country Quilts for Friends by Margaret Peters and Anne Sutton. The quilt name in the book is When the Frost is on the Pumpkins.

For those of you wondering how my tally for hand qulting was for February .... let's just not go there. Other than a few days here and there, I was just too exhausted by the end of each day to do anything let alone quilting. Hopefully, March will be kinder to me.

Have a great day, eh!