Tuesday, May 30, 2023

My Corona Tulips

At last, I was able to venture outside to take photos of this quilt on our hill.  Our spring has been wet and cold and miserable, but finally we are in the heat and I could safely drape the quilt on the stones without fear of getting it wet and muddy.

This is the backing that was used.  Whatever was left on the bolt was purchased but there wasn't enough.  After some careful cutting and piecing, viola!  The fabric is a rendition of Susan McCord's Vine Quilt and once I saw the fabric, I just had to have it.  
This quilt is currently hanging in our dining room.
Quilt Details:

Source:  Audrey from Quilty Folk blog so kindly offered the tulip block pattern to any that were interested (no longer offered) and I quickly asked if I could have the pattern and Audrey sent it to me and the rest is history.  A twist was added by the band of circles at the bottom of each block.  I must say this quilt turned out quite unique!

Tulip block size:  8" wide x 9" high (finished block size)
Circle block size:  8" wide x 3" high (finished block size)  2" circles were evenly spaced out

Started:  January 2021
Top Finished:  August 2021
Quilt Finished:  April 2023

Quilt size:  69" x 88" (top size before quilting, washing and drying:  73" x 91-1/2")

Batting:  Hobbs poly batting

Machine quilted by:  Kathy Wareham using Topsy Turvy Tulips E2E by Christy Dillon of My Creative Stitches.

Another quilt to display at this time of year when the tulips are blooming.

After taking photos, I turned around to gather up my quilt and noticed our elderly neighbours next door looking up at us and after a wave and hand claps, we all went our merry way.  They do enjoy seeing my quilt photo sessions on the hill.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!

Monday, May 22, 2023

Busy as ....

This past week was busy and so is this week.  My Hubby has one more week with the Parkinson's program and then he has homework to do to keep up the exercises and tips for getting up when he falls, for putting on a winter coat walking, writing and so on .....

He did have a memory test and didn't do so well.  Based on this, the Doctor is reporting him to DOT and they will send him a letter revoking his driver's license.  I'm happy about this as he was doing some funny things while driving and hasn't driven for about a year now as I started taking him everywhere.  On the upside, he has been referred to a memory specialist and they can determine if his memory issues are related to Parkinson's or the start of dementia.  We will also have a home inspection to ensure that our home is safe for us to get around.  He has also been referred to a speech therapist.  There will be a lot of appointments coming up.

Aging sucks, doesn't it ....

On a happier note, my hexie quilt-a-long is coming along quite well.  There are about 60 full hexies and 7 half hexies to do and then I can start sewing them together.  

This photo was taken on an angle so you can easily see how many have been done and how many to go.

Sadly, the binding for this quilt has taken a back seat.  This morning, fabrics were pulled to see which one would work well.  Maybe I might do something outside the box for me and make a scrappy binding!  Oh my!  LOL  It is a small wall hanging, so it won't take long to finish this quilt.  I may take it with me to the cottage this coming weekend.  This needs to be done by the end of this month as it is this month's binding challenge.  Better get cracking!
Nights have been cool lately with chances of Jack Frost visiting.  These are my annuals and they will stay in the garage during the night.  After June 1, it might be safe to finally get them planted in pots and placed outside.
Back to the issue of the b.e.a.v.e.r and the tree it chopped down by the lake at our cottage.  At the water edge, all these branches were picked up by myself and my sister.  These were brought home and I will wash them and then place them in a pot for display.  I was totally amazed by the workmanship the b.e.a.v.e.r did in stripping the bark off these branches.
Look closely and you can see teeth marks.  Some are single, some are by two and some are by four to indicate upper and lower teeth.
When I picked up this branch, was this mud?  Nope, for some reason, the b.e.a.v.e.r skipped over a couple of inches of  bark.  Weird, huh!
How many hours did it spend chewing away the bark?  We will never know.
The cottage is now open for the season, but with a few hic cups.  We may need a new water pump as water was gushing out from the connection under the sink.  Yikes, it took five towels to soak up the water.

Ah well .... cherish your day, cherish your life!

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Hexie Quilt-a-long and 46th wedding anniversary.

Much, much progress has been made on this project .... because ....  that is the only thing I'm working on right now, except for bindings!  I'm obsessed with these hexies!

After looking at this photo, I realized that most of the hexies have been turned around ... so great progress has been made.   Since this quilt will be reversible, I want the back to look interesting too and colour placement is crucial.  You can probably see some triangle scraps sitting on top of some hexies.  Those are the back colours that will be used of which some are off on the side waiting their turn to be used.

A lot of batting pieces have been used up in the process, of which I'm totally pleased about and a lot of charms as well.  My charm bin is reducing, but there are a few more quilts that can be made using them up.

The program that hubby is on for Parkinson's is working for him.  He can now get up off the floor or ground when he falls.  Gardening is now better for him.  He can pull weeds without falling over while on his knees.   He still has issues with walking, but there are still two more weeks to get into a good pattern for that.  There has been improvement, but more to come.  The important thing is to keep up the work after the program ends.  Heck, the program has been good for me too.  I participate in the warm up exercises and then sit back and observe for the rest of the session.  Next up that I need to obtain is a doctor referral for a speech therapist and another for dizziness.  He is having great difficulty speaking some days and the dizziness is an ongoing situation for a number of years now.  He has had an MRI showing nothing to cause it.  Dizziness is part of Parkinson's, so that could be the cause.

Cottage season is now here.  My sister and I took a run out with a load of supplies.  A beaver has been busy chopping down a tree.  I didn't take any photos but will next time out there.  We did have some flooding in our area and our lake was up about 4-5 feet above normal.  We can tell by the debris left on the shore how high it rose up.

Today is Mother's Day as well as our 46th wedding anniversary.   I've never spoken of this to too many people as I didn't and don't want sympathy.   I'm writing this for posterity for my descendants to know the story as this post will be published into a blog book as well as recorded on the family tree info.  This is a happy/bittersweet day for us.  We were married in 1977 at 2:00 p.m.  My Day died from a massive heart attack on the way to the reception.  He was gone around 4:00 p.m.  My brother's girlfriend had a baby girl around 6:00 p.m.   To compound the issue, my Dad's mother passed away on the same day in 1969.  A day full of joy and sorrow.

I remember telling my parents our plans and they looked at each other when they found out the date.  I wish they had said something at the time as the date could have been changed for another day.  After the funeral, my Mom asked me why that date was chosen and I told her that was the only time available for the church as well as venue.   Would it have changed the outcome?  Probably not.  It is what it is and life goes on.   I was 16 at the time my Grandmother passed away and I didn't keep track of important dates back then.  I wish I had.

In hindsight, our wedding was small with only immediate families on both sides.  Our parents were our witnesses to our wedding and what an honour to have their signatures on our wedding certificate.  A friend of my Mom's was going to write up about our wedding in our local paper because this is how weddings were done before the invention of the current wedding parties.  

So, now you all know.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!

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Monday, May 1, 2023

April and May Binding Challenge

Well .... we did it again!  April came and went and we both have another quilt done.

This is no-blog Mary's quilt.  The before on the left and with the binding on the right.  Mary said that she doesn't even remember making this quilt .... so it is very, very OLD!

 This is my tulip quilt and I will be showing more of the quilt on another post.

For our May challenge, Mary dipped her hand into a black garbage bag (yes, these bags holding her quilts gives me the chills) and pulled out this quilt.  Surprise!  This is another huge quilt and the pattern is Pushin up Spring by Apple Blossom Quilts.  She doesn't remember making this quilt; but, the pattern was published in 2009 ... so, I'm guessing this has to be very old also.

For me, my red/neutral circle quilt is being done for May.  Can you see all the blue x lines .... don't worry as they will all disappear once this quilt is washed.  I use Crayola Washable Markers and they work for me.  I want this quilt ready for hanging in our living room for the month of June/July to help celebrate Canada Day.  All the other red swirls is the quilting called Circle Meander.

It is a busy time for me right now.  Cottage season is opening soon and I'm gearing up for the first run out there to open the cottage and bring in supplies for the season.  

Also, my husband is on a month long Parkinson's program to help him with this disease.  It runs four days a week for an hour each day.   He was on a six week program to help him build up strength in his muscles as he was having difficulty just getting out of a chair and walking.  He has been working a bit in the garden and is using a cane for balance.  

You may have noticed that my posts are not as frequent each week.  Life is just too busy right now and my quilting and blogging are starting to be put on the back burner.  You know how it is .... life gets in the way and we must deal with these things.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!