Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Winning quilts

Well .... I guess a few of you have been wondering which quilts won those ribbons in my last post.  All for hand quilting.  Without further ado here they are:

Judged, First place - Hollyhocks in a Castle Garden (go here to read about it)
Judged, First place - Gathering Pumpkins (go here to read about it):
Judged, Third place - Sky Jewels (go here to read about it)
Viewer's Choice, First place - Secret Garden

This is the first time I'm showing this quilt and there is a story behind it, but that will be on another post.
My challenge quilt that I donated sold for $50.00.  Yeah!
It was a great show.  The show earned lots of money for our local hospital.  Life is good!

Yesterday was guild day and after the meeting, 22 women stayed behind to learn about hand quilting.  I'm going to teach my secrets to anyone who is interested.  Needless to say, I was shocked to see so many ladies.  If I can do it, they can too and I will be thrilled to see those ladies win ribbons at our next show in 2019.

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Have a great day!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Oops ... did it again!

Well, our quilt show is over ... I'm pooped ... but thrilled!  This is why!
My next post will reveal more about these ribbons.  I have to fly out for family matters and my suitcase needs to be packed.  Will be back next week.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Painting and staining

Well, if it is September, it must be time for some painting and staining.   Well, in my world, that is.  The humidity was down and the temperature was cooler .... so, why not do some spray painting.  Good thing this job got done early in the week, because hot temps. and humidity came back with a vengeance.

About 35 yrs. ago, we bought a inexpensive bedroom set when we moved into our home in Toronto.  Time was not kind to this set.  The finish has worn off in places and there are many chips and scratches.  The set just looked tired and worn out.   So, after buying 9 cans of spray paint, my furniture has been revived and here sit the pieces waiting for the paint to cure.  I still need to add a coat of water based Varethane to protect the paint and that was done inside.
Edit September 21, 2016:  I've added the photo below to show that I do the spray painting outdoors with lots of plastic protecting the flowers, shrubs and brickwork.  A few comments made me aware that I omitted this important fact.  Please don't spray your stuff indoors as spray and the smell will be everywhere.  I do paint with a brush indoors with plastic or painter's canvas to protect the rug and floor. 
Our living room has been paint central quite a few times now.  It is the best room in the house to do painting.  The lighting is wonderful and there is plenty of room to spread out the pieces to paint.  The headboard received a coat of Varethane indoors (the spray painting was done outside).
I have to laugh.   My furniture went from dark brown to a medium grey.  Then my niece wanted some crates stained to store shoes and boots in her new apartment.  She is young and you would think she wanted a nice bright colour.  Nope, she wanted dark brown.  What goes around, comes around.  So, dark brown they became.  They are done and delivered.  Another item ticked off my 'to do' list.  These crates were stained indoors.
Then, for our quilt show, we needed more quilt stands to display our raffle quilts onto.  We ran out of stands.  I volunteered my DH.  Was he happy about that?  Ah well, it kept him busy for a week and it was something new to him.  These stands I am keeping for myself and since they can't be mixed in with all the other quilt stands, these got painted a nice mint green. They should stand out and not be picked up in error at the end of our quilt show .... which starts this weekend.  For more on that, go here.
Still, it has not been all work and no play.  Play I did.  My challenge quilt was worked on and here you see it being hand quilted.
It is done and in the blocking stage.  A label and some embellishments need to be added.  So, almost done.
Some maple leaf buttons were added and this is the final look.  So glad this is done and handed in!
 My split apple core centre is completed.  Just need to add outer borders.  Lordy, that is my nemesis.  Outer borders.  I have quite a few tops that just need outer borders.   These must be tackled soon.  Still, doesn't my split apple core look scrumptious?
This is my life these days.  Topsy turvy.  Too much going on, but at the end of the day, I can look around and see that something got accomplished.  Yes, life is good.

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Have a great day!