Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blocks done

Well …… I’m really pleased with the way these blocks turned out. Now, I just have to add some borders and decide how to hand quilt it.
This is the back of my Spring Fling Round Robin that has just been finished and is on its’ way to someone! Visit SSFRR to see the completed quilts that are going around right now. There will be more to see in the next few weeks.

Quilter’s Blog
This is a new site to check out. This site shows the quilting blogs that have recent posts each day and you can click onto ‘read more’ to read the rest of the post and see what else that blogger has to say.
To my American friends and neighbours .... Happy Thanksgiving!
Have a great day!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Treasure

....... and another block.

For the past number of weeks, not much has been happening in blogland for me. I haven’t been visiting or commenting too much on other blogs.

What have I been doing? Genealogy research. Quite some time ago, I left a message on one of the genealogy sites and a distant relative recently responded. We have been going back and forth with information, but the best so far is this photo of my great, great grandmother.

Malvina Sikorski Mueller (from Posen, Prussia).

She immigrated to Canada around the mid 1870’s and settled in the township of Mayo (or Blanche) Quebec which is not far from Ottawa. In subsequent years, her married name has been changed to Miller. Anyone wanting to start the genealogy process should understand that names that we think are spelled one way are actually spelled a different dozen of ways on documents and you cannot imagine the frustration in dealing with that. So be prepared. The joy of finding an ancestor is worth it. Looking at her and her home, I can only imagine the hardship encountered in leaving hard times in Prussia only to encounter harder times in Canada.

What a treasure I now have to share with my family members.

Have a great day!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Warm Company

Ashes and I have been busy working on something new. :o)

This piece is for a swap and this is all that you will see for now.

Have a great day!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Done Jacket

Well ….. with about 6 weeks to New Year’s Eve and Finn’s challenge will end on that day, I am slowly working on my UFO’s.

See here …… my flannel jacket is done, done, done! This jacket was started in 2003 .... oh well ....... I've done machine quilting using a walking foot for the curves. It was a bit tricky, but love the effect.

That is me modeling my jacket in our backyard. I blend in very well with the foliage ... We still have some leaves on our trees, but not for long.

So, only 3 left to go!!!!

Have a great day!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Siggies and ....

…. another block. I’ve started to fill in some of the leaves, flowers, etc. with embroidery thread and the look is more intense; whereas before, the blocks were OK but they really didn’t stand out much.

Below are my siggies that have been received so far. They have come from far and wide. What fun it has been receiving letters and opening them to reveal really unique blocks. I will have a gorgeous quilt one fine day! :o)
#1 – Rianne from The Netherlands
#2 – Elfriede from Austria
#3 – Beate from Germany
#4 – Enrica from Italy
#5 – Ria from The Netherlands
#6 – Puck from The Netherlands
#7 – Annelies from The Netherlands

When I saw Elfriede’s name on the list for siggie swapping, I just had to have one from her. She lives in my Dorschner ancestral city of Linz, Austria. Lately, I have been busy doing genealogical research and when her letter arrived, I was on the computer looking at that family tree research. Who knows, we may be related ….. it is a small world after all.

Annelies is the hostess for the siggie swap and if you are interested in participating, visit her blog.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Supervised Siggies

... and another block.
Hank (the resident critic) had to oversee the process of siggie making. If there are any boo-boos, blame it on Hank. She was ‘in my face’.

These are my siggies that went out in the mail recently. Some of them have been received already and I have heard from the other folks and their siggies are on their way to me.
I will show my siggies that have been sent to me in another post. I don’t know how many to collect or what the layout will be ….. I’m just collecting them for now. What fun, mail coming in from all over the world. I wonder what my postman thinks when he delivers at our home.
Have a great day!