Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Aussies came and went

My Aussie friends, Jennifer and Kevin have come and gone.  This was their third visit with us.  Where did their week with us go?  It came and went so quickly.  With my bummed up shoulder, I couldn't do very much and needed everyone's help to prepare meals and clean up.

This visit, they arrived to colour.  Glorious colour.  Jennifer loves autumn and it was so nice to have them see our colour. 

Jennifer and I did get out to a quilt show at a church in Sturgeon Falls.  This was the first for me to see quilts in a church and I quite enjoyed it.  More photos were taken, but these were my favourites.  Love that TATW quilt!
This chevron quilt caught my eye.  On the placard, it was mentioned that the pattern came from Fons and Porter and I found it in my magazine collection a few nights later.  Eureka!  I may be starting a new quilt ....
Jennifer was busy buying a leaf potholder an chatting with the ladies.  We signed a guest book and I do believe she was the farthest away attending the show.

Monday nights there is a ukulele group that meets at a local music store.  Jennifer attended last time she was here and made arrangements to meet with the group again.   She was in 7th heaven to be able to play again.  Eight weeks is a long time away from playing a musical instrument.

On our way to the music store, we drove along the lake shore and caught this interesting cloud formation.  Photos were taken and once home, DH (who is a meteorologist) was able to explain what was going on with that funny cloud formation.  
When Jennifer and Kevin arrived, we exchanged goodie bags.  Jennifer knows how much I love bags, so what a wonderful addition to my collection!
Inside the bag was this gorgeous wall hanging.  Perfect to be hung with my autumn quilts.
At first, I thought the flowers were drawn on ..... nope, embroidered with one strand of embroidery floss.  So lovely!  I'm still admiring her machine quilting.
While Jennifer and Kevin were here, the BEARS came back.  This time three bears in our neighbours back patio.  They went after the bird feeders and destroyed one.  They came during the night and I woke up to a bang.  Did I investigate?  Not a chance was I going to go outside to find out what the noise was.  Still, after that bang, I could not go back to sleep.   The next afternoon, DH came inside with a story to share with us and explain what the bang was that I heard.  That was just a tad too close for comfort.  Bear scat has been found between our house and our neighbours and in different places on the street.  Much too close!

Our friends said that they would love to see a bear in person, but at the same time, they didn't want to see a bear as that would be too scary.  I agree!

We didn't do as much this time around.  We are all getting older and just sitting around the fireplace and enjoying our visitors was a good thing.  They said this would be their last visit to Canada.  Still, they said that last visit and they came back again this year.  Safe travels, my friends, safe travels.

Last Friday, I and two other siblings buried my brother's ashes.  It took a while to get everything arranged, but he was finally laid to rest with our parents.  Rest in peace .... Micheal Beauregard .... rest in peace ...

A few days later, we had snow.  A couple days of snow.  Overnight, we had rain and it is all gone now .... but it will be back .... that we know for sure.

While our visitors were here, a new EPP project was started and there will be more on that later.  Another EPP project ...... yippee-ki-yay!

Have a happy stitching day!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Aussie's are coming again!

Wednesday afternoon and my Aussie friends (Jennifer and Kevin) will be with us once again.  This will be their third time that they stay with us for a week.  What shall we do this time?  We are all getting older and the weather looks like we will have some snow, so not much outside stuff will be done.

On Monday, I had a sun spot removed from my shoulder, so not much movement can be done because the stitches will pull and the healing will take longer.  So, Jennifer will be helping me with the cooking.

The fireplaces are working.  Jennifer has tumblers she can sew.  I'll just ply Kevin with a glass of Sortilege (whiskey and maple syrup liqueur) on ice and we will just make ourselves comfortable and everyone will be happy.  I might be able to do a bit of EPP.   If we do get snow, maybe my DH and Kevin can keep themselves busy with the snowblower doing our driveway plus a few neighbours.

Now ..... back to EPP.  You all were wondering what I've been doing with that snowflake.

This is the top.  Back in February, my day guild had a jelly roll challenge and I cut a whole bunch of 2-1/2" strips from my stash.  The quilt had to be finished by June.  Well, I'm never on time and my top/quilt never got finished.  Sill, I did plug away at it until finally all the snowflakes were appliqued onto the top.   Leftover hexagons were scattered around the top and appliqued as well.
I had designed this layout on my EQ7 and I was anxious to see how it would look and if everything would fit.  The two borders here have the triangles all pinned on as a tryout.  Yep, everything fits in place.  Whew, that is a huge relief.
The two borders have all the triangles appliqued in place and the borders sewn to the body.   An inch was left unsewn on the bottom right border (where the last triangle is) so so the bottom border could be added and then I went back and sewed the unsewn bit later.  Looking good to me.
Three borders are on!
Finally, the top was done and I love it!  This top will be hand quilted soon so that it is ready to hang come January.  I'm going to try big-stitch quilting to see if I like it or not.  It is now or never!
Here are close-ups of the fussy cutting hexagons.

I didn't have any gold fabric that I could fussy cut, but this fabric was perfect.
What else went on this past week?  My friend, Darlene Brooks and I (garage owner) presented our EPP/Applique trunk show and EPP workshop at the Grand Quilt Guild in Fergus, Ontario.  Sadly, I didn't take any photos.  Uggh .... I can't believe that happened to me.  Darlene and I were just so busy bopping here and there.   If anyone from the guild reads this, can you send me photos (  There were 110 people at the trunk show and 18 members at the workshop.  We shopped on the way down to Fergus and on the way back.  What we earned, we spent!  Woohooo!  Mind you, not much fabric was purchased ..... bath stuff.  Darlene just renovated her bathroom and she needed new accessories:  shower curtain, towels, waste basket, hand lotion container, etc.  I bought new towels, shower curtain, hand lotion container, tumbler and tooth brush holder and rugs.  The whole lot and now my Aussie friends will enjoy them all first.  I do love to change out my bathroom with the seasons as well as my bed quilts.

We stayed with Ruth Kennedy of Dancing Thread Longarm Quilting.  It turns out that her husband and my husband knew each other and worked on a small project years ago.  Such a small world!  Anyway, we were well received and it was lovely to see Ruth again.  My DH and I hosted Ruth twice when she did her trunk show and then a year later her workshop.  We have promised to visit each other again and to keep in touch with her and the other lovely ladies that we met.  I also got reacquainted with Celeste from Meerkat Trading.  Celeste sells Shweshwe fabrics which are absolutely gorgeous!  It was such a busy time and the trip and visit was over before we knew it.

Once home, we went to a quilt show in Powassan on Saturday and in Sudbury on Sunday.  I'm all quilt showed out.  Nope, not just yet .... there is another quilt show in Sturgeon Falls this coming Saturday.

What else?  This cushion got recovered for the ottoman.  I just need to add some tabs to secure the cushion in place to the bottom wood section, but that will happen after the stitches on my shoulder are removed.
So, it has been a very busy week for me and this coming week will be busy as well.  Oh well, life is good!

Have a great day!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Forgot to show this one!

I was going through my photos and realized that this quilt has not been shown.  It will be going on the wall later this fall and winter.  Happy days, for sure.

I wanted to capture the beauty of the fabrics against the autumn colours.    This photo was taken in our backyard.  No bears ..... I looked around to be sure before climbing the steps.

The following two photos were taken about 10 mins. later when the sun wasn't shining.  What a huge difference in the colour value.
 I just love rail fence blocks!  They are so timeless.
Quilt details:
Started:  February 2009
Top Finished:  August 2009
Quilt Finished:  July 2018 (it sat on the shelf for nine years ..... sheesh!)
Quilt Name:  Humble Pie from the book "Simple traditions" by Kim Diehl
Quilt Size:  89-1/2" x 89-1/2" (top size before quilting and washing:  91" x 92")
Batting:  Polyester
Quilted by my friend:  Tella in Toronto.

Another quilt done!  Life can't get any better than that!

We are in the midst of having beautiful Indian Summer weather.  Capris and sandals are back.  We need to enjoy it while we can, because this weather is not going to hang around for long.

It was cold closing the cottage for the year.  Jackets, sweaters, toques and then warm gorgeous weather.  What a drastic change in just two days.  Cold and now warm and muggy.

Beavers have been busy building a dam on our cottage road.  The water is backing up at this bridge.  The white stuff you see in the water is foam of some kind. 
With all the rain we have had lately, the creek is overflowing and creating a waterfall at the edge of the dam.  This will be a problem next year as the bridge and road could be washed out if the dam breaks.
The autumn colours are at 80% right now.  Beautiful display from Mother Nature once again.
I love colour against the dark green.  It gives a gorgeous contrast as we travel down the road.

This week, my friend Darlene and I will be giving a dual trunk show and workshop on EPP at the Grand Quilt Guild in Fergus, Ontario.  We are so excited and have so many quilts to show and talk about.  There will be lots more to share about this event.

Have a great day!
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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A new ornament

By now, you all know that I love garden ornaments.  The more whimsy, the better.  So, here is my latest addition!  It is the big black thing.  Doesn't it stand out and says 'LOOK AT ME'!
No .... wait a minute ..... that is a real bear!   It was munching on my Lily of the Valley plants.  The plant and berries are poisonous.  It just munched a bit and then stopped.  Did it somehow know it shouldn't be eating that plant?
This bear is about 2 yrs. old.  It kept looking at the chair.  Did it want to sit for a while?  Hang out in our garden and have a snooze?
Not much here to munch on ....
Thank you for coming.  It was a thrill to see you, but we are very glad you kept on going and we won't be offended if you don't come back for another visit.  Truly, we won't be offended.
This all happened on Sunday evening when our neighbour phoned to warn us that a bear was coming our way.  They said that an adult bear was here just half an hour before and that this younger one came behind the larger one.  This bear was big enough and I can only imagine how big the adult one was!  OMG!

The bears are hungry and trying to beef up before going into hibernation.  Since our summer was hot and very dry, their usual food has been scarce for them to feed on.  So, into the city they are coming.  The crab apple trees are loaded and they will be feeding on them. 

What is scary is that my husband has been working on the rock walls lately and was planning on going out for just a while to work off some of his supper.  Good thing he didn't go then because there could have been issues!  My husband has since bought an air horn to use for scaring off bears.  He is taking precautions and looking around him as he works.

Now that my heart has settled back to normal, a bit of sewing got done on this hexagon snowflake.  This has to be a bit secretive at the moment.  More on this later. 
What else has been going on around here?  Painting.  This is a very small area but has five doors and is taking forever.  Sheesh.  Well, it didn't help that I had a cold and didn't have much energy to do much of anything.
This shawl got blocked for my 'karma is a bitch' sister.  Her shawl turned out pretty darn good and the blocking really showed off the lacy border.  Since I have Styrofoam boards and a gazillion pins, it made perfect sense for me to block it for her and she didn't dither when it was offered.
What else?

A couple of Dutch Treat blocks.  My friend Debra and I are doing them together.  She signed up this summer to do them with Meerkat Trading.  Should I mention that I signed up ..... oh, about three years ago to do them with the quilt-along.  Debra finally got me motivated to actually start them.  My blocks are bigger and they will finish at 6" instead of 4" and my applique will not only be reverse but any applique method that suits each block.  Also, my blocks will be on point just to be different .... of course!  🐱🐱
There is more to talk about, but this will be it for this week.

Have a great day!

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