Monday, September 30, 2019

Just a hexie tote bag!

Here is my tote bag that I finally finished a few days before our quilt show.  This bag was included in our silent auction part of the show.

It would have been finished sooner, except I had a slight accident at our cottage and hurt myself and moving around and wanting to do anything was just put on the back burner.  That accident is a long story, but a paddle boat, a dock and I had a fight and I lost!  A trip to emerg. to make sure that nothing was broken but I was left badly bruised, banged up and a tad scared of what had happened.  You know the saying about older folks being wiser ..... nope, that bit escaped me at that moment in time!  LOL  It is easy to laugh about it now, but things could have been much worse.  Anyway, my body is on the mend and time and taking things easy will help to heal me.

Anyway, this hexie project travelled with me on vacation to Costa Rica where I enjoyed sipping on rum drinks by the pool while sewing those hexies.  Yes, it already has a travelling history!
A slight problem while assembling.  You can use a bag that has a twisted strap, can't you?  Drats.  That bag went flying into a corner, I was so ticked off with myself!  But finally, that strap was unripped and sewn on correctly and then it all came together finally.
This bag was donated to our quilt show's (held this past weekend) silent auction and the final bid was $65.00 Canadian.  I met the lady who bought it and thanked her for winning her bid.  She thanked me for making it and she knew when she saw my name that she had to have it.  That is a lovely compliment, indeed!

The bag was made using three challenge fabrics (donated by Northcott) and other complimentary fabrics could be used to complete our items.  Monies raised from the silent auction go to our local hospital.
Anyway, more about our quilt show will be on another post.  A few ribbons that my quilts won will be talked about too. 

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

An old fashion garden!

That is the title of my hexie wallhanging.   I kept looking at it hanging on the wall and thought "what should it be called"?  It has the look of something old fashion from a long time ago period.  Bingo.

The sign just above the quilt was made by my niece.  I think carbon paper was used tracing the words/quilt block onto the wood and then she painted it afterwards.  I love it and how perfect to display with my quilts that were started and completed by moi!
Here are some close-ups.

Hand quilting (shown in shadow from the hall light).

Quilt details:
Leftover hexagons from another quilt.
Embroidery source:  "Beautiful Botanicals" by Deborah Kemball
The sheets that are in the book are huge and I just laid my top on top of the sheet and traced using Crayola Washable Markers.  It was easy to see through the fabric to do the tracing.  After washing, all the markings came out.
Size:  40" x 47" (before washing and drying:  40-1/2" x 48")  After washing, the wall hanging was blocked (using pins) onto a styrofoam board and left to dry.
DMC embroidery threads were used.
Started:  July 2010
Finished:  September 2019

What a treasure to finally have this UFO done!  A lot of work and a lot of hours went into the making of the quilt.

DONE.  A lovely word!

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Binding and more binding!

My hexagon wall hanging is all finished now.  Just need to cut the correct size rod and I can show you the final quilt hanging.  In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of my progress this week.

Binding got cut out and sewn onto the quilt.  Look at all that hand quilting!  Oh my!  My hands hurt like heck, but it was so worth it!  There are a few more smaller tops that will be brought out and basted for more hand quilting as I quite enjoyed the process.  I tried a massage gizmo that will be great for my hands after each session of hand quilting.  The before and after was amazing and with that gizmo, I feel confident of doing more hand quilting.
Once the binding was on, I couldn't stop myself until it was all done.  Sleeve and label went on next.
Next up in the binding cue is this Xmas quilt!  Love it!  There will be photos of three finished quilts to show you soon.
To round out my week, these items are all due for a couple coats of Varethane.  Chairs and cabinets.  The quilt rack you see will get transformed to white.  Just waiting for another nice day to spray paint.
We have had a few cool mornings and our daytime temps are in the mid-teen's.  Our gas fireplace has come on to give us a bit of heat in the morning.  Autumn is making it's presence known once again.

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

A little bit of this and that!

I'm hand quilting again after quite a hiatus.  My hands and fingers can't work like they used to, so in between sessions of hand quilting, other things were happening.

My lovely hexie wall hanging is the chosen project.  With all that embroidery, there was no way this was going to be machine quilted.  It would not have done justice to all that hand work.
After an hour here and there during the week, the centre is almost done.
In between sessions, binding got sewn onto this Xmas quilt.
Seriously .... that seam had to happen right in the corner!  LOL  Oh well, it was easy to fix and continue on. 
 Viola ... the centre is completed.  Now, onto the borders! 
Also, during the week, binding, sleeve and label were completed on this quilt.  Photos will be coming as soon as the leaves on the trees on our hill change colour .... and that should be happening within the next two weeks.   Sorry, but you will just have to wait until then.  I know, I know, I shouldn't tease you all! 
So, that was my week!

Have a great day!

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