Wednesday, February 20, 2019

One of Two

I have two finishes for the year .... but will talk about just one today.  The one that the swan is sitting on.  Isn't that swan sweet or what!  It was bought at a yard sale for $2.00 a few years ago when I was down in Toronto visiting my friend Debra.  We were on our way to a quilt store and passed by a yard sale and we stopped.   The lady wanted $2.00 and that is what I paid.  There was no way I was going to haggle over that amount.  It made my day and it now graces my home!
Scrappy Churn Dash blocks and crazy blocks.  Made mostly from scraps.  I have seen these Churn Dash blocks on Pinterest and knew that I just had to make a few to help use up some scraps.  Toss in crazy blocks and a tiny wee dent was made in my scraps. 

 In this photo, you can see the bright fabrics that were used to give it zing.
This quilt didn't linger too long on my shelf.  It was started, made and finished ..... lickety-split!
Quilt Details:
Started:  January 8, 2019
Finished:  February 16, 2019
Size:  55-1/2" x 79" (top size before washing and drying:  58-1/4" x 82-1/2")
Batting:  80/20 cotton poly
Machine Quilted by:  Kat's Quilts

I'm having a great day!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Done, done, done!

OMG ..... can you see me doing the happy dance way up here?

Slowly, but surely, the applique borders were worked on and before I knew it ..... this was the last bit to do!
The top is DONE!  Started in July 2009.  This only took 10 years to finish, but who's counting!  Well .... me!   LOL
I'm so thrilled with how it turned out and so glad that I finally figured out my problem.  That applique stencil has been tucked away because I can see doing that again on another top.   Oh, happy, happy, happy!
Another  UFO crossed off the list.  Only 33 more to go .....
What else has been worked on?  The embroidery for this hanging is slowly coming along.
This is not my quilt.  It belongs to a 92 yr. old lady and I'm finishing it for her.  She can't quilt anymore and she can hardly see as well.  She has offered to pay for the hand quilting, but she won't be charged for it.  I just want to get it done for her to use and enjoy now.  There are just a few blocks to do and a bunch of cornerstones and then the outer border.
Oh, the weather.  Usually, I don't talk about the weather, but this year is an exception.  This photo is looking out at the amount of snow outside my studio window.  See the railing in the upper right side?
Where did it go?  There is about five to six feet of snow there right now.  We had our roof shovelled last week and the snow is piled up around the sides of our home.  Good thing we had that done because there is another foot of snow coming today and it is snowing as I write this post.
Groceries have been bought and this will be a good time to stay indoors and quilt away.

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Problem solved!

Today, my post is about showing how my problem was solved with not being able to use my light table or window to transfer the applique layout onto my borders.  The fabric was just too dark to see through.

To get started, photocopies were made of the applique pattern.  Since my top was made a lot bigger than the original pattern, extra parts of the border applique was added.

Pasting and cutting the photocopies together until the perfect length was made.  Then I started cutting out the applique bits.  This is part of what my stencil looks like.
Can you see blue tabs on the stem part?  I had to put them there and colour them to remind me not to cut out those parts; otherwise my stencil would just fall apart.
My top is then laid out onto my cutting table and weighted down so that it doesn't move.
The cut-out stencil is placed on top of the fabric border and secured after being lined up just so.   Those yellow circle things that you see are weights.   I will use pins to secure the stencil to the fabric also just in case the top slips a bit down towards the floor.
There is a reason why I bought these pounce notions!  They have never been used until now.  This is just the chalk version and they don't stay around too long as the chalk is too easy to brush off.  Next time I come across the version that has the pounce that is ironed off .... I will purchase it!
So, I pounced away at the the empty spaces on my stencil and then removed my paper stencil and shook out all the loose chalk.  Looks good .... well sort of!  At least, I can actually see the design on the fabric now.
Since I am very particular about my circles, I did take time to trace them.
A plastic template that has all different circle sizes is very handy.   Crayola washable markers is used for marking my circles.
Then, my stem is placed on top of the chalk line and pinned in place.
Then, the leaves are added.  All my stems, leaves and circles have been prepared in advance and all I have to do is place them on top of the chalk outline.  More pins.
Next up is the red circles.  Yep, more pins again.
All pinned in place.  Lots of pins in there.  How do I manage those pins without anything coming loose?  Basting is the next step.  Yes, a lot of time spent basting, but it is so worth it.  Someone said that glue would also work well if you want to give that a try.  I'll stick to basting with thread and needle.
Once everything on that section of border is basted in place, the next section is ready to go and all the steps are repeated, except the stencil is reversed or flipped to the left.  In other words, one side has printing on it and the backside doesn't.
There, last two sections all basted in place and ready for me to sew.
A close-up of the basting.
Tune the music for dancing because that is what I'll be doing soon!

Have a great day!

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