Thursday, August 31, 2023

August Binding Challenge

My quilt for August was finished well before the month ended and here it is.

 "Dilly Flowers"

A few close-ups of a few flowers, the quilting design and the applique border.

Quilt Details:

Source:  Designer Elise Baek from English Paper Piecing Society on Facebook.  The applique section was found on Shutterstock and adapted to suit my look.

Started:  February 2022

Top Finished:  March 2023

Quilt Finished:  August 2023

Quilt Size:  59-1/2" x 74-1/2" (top size before quilting, washing and drying:  61-3/4" x 78")

Batting:  Hobbs 80/20 cotton poly batting

Machine quilted by:  Kathy Wareham using "Lucky" quilting design by Christy Dillon from My Creative Stitches.

Now, you are probably wondering what my friend no-blog Mary has been up besides vacationing .... well she made a dress for herself!  She had 3 men's shirts and decided to do something with them.  Mary is so good at thinking outside the box and I absolutely love her new dress!

For September, my pick for binding will be this quilt.  I would like to have it on my bed come this fall.  Speaking of fall ..... leaves have been changing already.  Daytime temps are normal but morning temps are a little bit on the cool side.

Lately, while helping to babysit a couple of grand nieces, the 7 yr. old asked me "why did you dye your hair white!"  Hummmmm .... can you imagine how that question cracked me up!!!  LOL

My red/white hexie top is finished and photos will be following on that one soon as well as what my next UFO will be to come off the shelf. 

Cherish your day, cherish your life!

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Sooooo close!

I'm so, so close to getting this UFO into a flimsy.

This is where it is at now ..... just the remaining left border to do!

These two sections have been sewn together and just need to be attached to the center on the left hand side.
Finally .... just two more sections to sew together!  So, so close!
Lots of things have been happening here and will continue for a while longer.  Between appointments for hubby and myself and babysitting and cottage ...... whew, I need to come up for a breather!  Right now, blogging is taking a back seat and I will be back at beginning of September for update on my binding challenge.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Just Hexing along ....

Can you see me rubbing my hands with glee?  Much, much progress has been made on this UFO!  Part of the red hexie border has been sewn together and attached to the center.

Three small sections are now ready to be attached to the center and to the border.  One section at a time and this top keeps moving along.
This photo below gives you a good idea of what remains of the red border to do.
Labels have been pinned to the left side border and photos taken.  Soon, all these hexies will get pinned onto my working boards so that they can be taken anywhere I go to work on them.

I'm still aiming to have this UFO as a flimsy by the end of August ...... and one small section at a time will see this done.

All of my UFO's are now being reviewed.  Which one will be worked on next?  There are still so many ....

Oh, and there just might be a squirrel showing up!  LOL

Cherish your day, cherish your life!

Thursday, August 3, 2023

July Binding Challenge

Well, well ..... I got my quilt done and in plenty of time!

This quilt came with me to a couple of babysitting adventures.  I prefer to bring projects with me that don't have pins that could get dropped onto a rug for a couple of Irish twins to find.  This quilt also came out to the cottage.  It has been well travelled.

Done and washed and dried.  Nice and soft and crinkly.

The rain shower has finally passed on and out of our area .... but I had to wait for things to dry up a bit before trying to take photos.

How about this one showing the backing fabric?

A close-up of the fabrics used and the quilting design.
Look how lovely my hydrangea is!  It is now starting to turn pink.
Quilt Details:
Pattern Source:  "Fragments of Cloth".   It is a pattern from Timeless Traditions and designed by Norma Whaley, but Sentimental Stitches sells them.  If you have the pattern, my quilt was changed up a bit to suit my tastes.

Started:  November 2022
Top Finished:  December 2022
Quilt Finished:  July 2023

Quilt Size:  68" x 85-3/4" (top size before quilting, washing and drying:  69-1/2" x 88")

Batting:  Hobbs 80/20 cotton polyester

Quilted by:  Kathy Wareham using Golden Threads #GTEE0410 pattern

This is my 200th quilt!  Amazing, eh!

My sister has been watching me work on this quilt and she really loves the pattern and colours.  Can I make her one for her queen size bed?  No problem .... I think I can find some fabrics!!!!!  LOL   She wants a warmer quilt that breathes and we decided that her quilt will have a wool batting.

Now .... you are probably wondering what no-blog Mary has been up to?  Not much for July .... except she spent time with her Mother and sister on P.E.I.  Precious moments, indeed!

For August, this is my binding challenge.  My sister and I will be babysitting the Irish twins again starting this afternoon and this will be perfect for working on at their home.  No pins to lose in the carpet.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!