Friday, December 18, 2020

Going in different directions!

More like spinning my wheels in different directions!  

All the wheels have now been appliqued onto the background strips.  Yeah.  Progress.  Something accomplished!  The photo looks washed out from the bright sunshine spilling into my studio.   It is cold outside (-17C or 1.4F).  It is good that we have snow on the ground, otherwise there would be water pipes bursting.  Still those wheels are something to celebrate.  Now, I can concentrate on assembling all the sections together now.

What else is keeping my hubby and I busy?  Chairs.  These chairs were purchased ages ago from a restaurant that was selling them.  I bought two and my niece brought two with the plans for my hubby and I to redo them.  Well, years passed and we are now dealing with them and all four chairs will be for us.
The before on the right and the after.  Huge difference!
The chairs have been in the dining room since the beginning of September.  You can see the chairs on the left of the photo.  What is everyone doing?  Helping to make cucumber relish.  It is good for others to help with the making so that they can continue when my sister and I can no longer.  We had such good help that day!

So, it has been a mess in my DR and LR for a few months now.  Something always came up that prevented us from tackling them.  This job has been hard on my hubby and I to do this time.  We are no longer young and what was done quickly before, now takes twice or three times longer.

It is our plan to have two done before Xmas as that is our gift to each other.  We will not gather for Xmas and it will be just the two of us for Xmas and New Years.  Next year will be different now that a vaccine (or two or three) is available.  Such good news, but we still must be careful about gathering and wearing our masks when around people not in our bubble.  And washing our hands.  Very important.

This morning, my niece sent me a couple of photos from the past.  She was cleaning up an old USB stick and found these photos of me in my studio in Scarborough.  My T.O. friends will remember gathering there to sit and sew and chat and laugh.  Such good times.

So, that was my week.  What will be accomplished in the coming week.  More chairs done, for sure!  Other things too!

Cherish your day, cherish your life!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Wheels keep moving!

I try to work on this project for a few minutes each day.  There are times when I'm just too tired to do much but look and admire what has been done.

Today, it was pinning the wheels to the background fabric to get started.

That wheel has now been appliqued on.  One down, another thirteen to go.  Today, another wheel will be pinned in place and so on.  Perhaps by mid-December, this top should/could be done?  Maybe?

Now, how about a guessing game?  Do you have any idea what this is?

How about a mask for Pixie (Elf on the Shelf)!  She has to have a mask for safe travels back to Santa's workshop!  We all wear masks here in the province of Ontario and that means the elf has to have one too.  She is outside the usual bubble and she has to keep her distance too!
I wonder what my great-nieces will think of this?  Guess I will find out later today as this is the first day Elf appears leading up to Xmas.  This will be the 3rd Xmas she has made her appearance with my great-nieces.  I can still remember the first time that I saw Elf and made the horrible mistake of reaching out and touching her skirt.  Oh my, horrors upon horrors!  That was a definite no-no.  Their Mom had to (and I do mean 'had to') write a special note to Santa telling him how Aunt Rosie didn't know about the no-touch rule and to ask Santa to reset the Elf so that she would function properly.  Last year, the girls reminded me not to touch Elf.  Years down the road, perhaps they might read about this on my blog and know where that mask came from.  LOL

Cherish your day, cherish your life!