Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Album of Memories – Variation

Here it is all together! This is my Christmas quilt and hangs in our dining room during the holidays. It is so nice, bright and cheery and I think, quite elegant.

This quilt (or the original) was designed by Robert Callahan for McCall’s Quilting. I didn’t use all his original blocks … it is not too often that I copy a pattern exactly as designed ….and in this case, some of his blocks were not to my liking. So, this is my variation of his Album of Memories. The finished size of this quilt is: 89-1/2" x 89-1/2"

Plans for 2009

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a very long time ago. Why? I don't know, just decided one year not to. Instead, I just try to be a better person in every way and hopefully my little contribution makes the world a nicer place to live in.

For 2009, there will be less of my participating in swaps. I have enjoyed being in the midst of creating something to send to the other side of the world, but this year will see me spending more of my time concentrating on finishing my projects and designing and making quilts for me.

It was a great boost for me to sign up for Finn’s and Peg’s UFO finish challenges. I didn’t get as much done as hoped; but am very happy with what got finished.

This past year, I have been thinking seriously of entering a quilt in one of the major quilt shows and could this be the year that I finally just ‘do it’? We’ll see …..

So …. for 2009 ….. what will I show you on this blog? There will be quilts, for sure! :o)

Have a great day and a Happy New Year and all the best in 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SSCS gift exchange

Now that Christmas is over, the time has come to reveal what I made for my partner, Liz, from down under.

I really enjoyed working on this tote bag and have plans to make one for me. That is just what I need …. ANOTHER bag to add to my collection! :o)
Now, I do have a confession to make. The floral fabric on the sides of the bag are from a sheet (a wedding gift that is over 31 yrs. old) that was worn down in the center. The outer sides were fine and the pattern is one that I just love. There was no way the leftovers were going in the garbage. So, they got recycled into this bag. I had a Loulee moment and quite enjoyed the outcome. :o)

Have a great day!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last set of blocks and a medallion

The center part of my Baltimore style quilt is this medallion which came from McCall’s Quilting, April 2001 magazine. I love the whole design of the medallion .... so did not change a thing! :o) Lots and lots of applique and hand quilting.
This is the last grouping of blocks from my Baltimore style quilt. My source for these blocks came from: Top – Circle of Grapes – Conway Album (I’m Not From Baltimore) book Middle – Night and Noon – Quilter’s (the center of the block was changed by adding an appliqué motif Celestial from
Bottom – Tulip Scroll – Appliqué Quilts, magazine #32
We had a good Christmas and are glad to be home, though. This year, our family was scattered and we didn't have the usual visits. Nonetheless, we talked by telephone and touched base with all.
Our snow is almost gone with all the rainfall that we have had the last few days. Today, it is very windy and a limb on one of our cedar trees broke off leaving quite a nasty gash. The tree will probably have to come down. 

Monday, December 22, 2008

Round Two

This is the block I received for round 2 of the Spring Fling Round Robin. What to do, what to do???

A bit of appliqué was added by me and then on it went to the next person who added the flying geese border and then to another person for quilting and finishing.  It is now owned by my friend Judith.

Great job, ladies!  Go here to see more quilts from this exchange.
To all of you that celebrate at this time of year .... 

Happy Holidays and Stay Safe!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

More blocks and some charms

More blocks from my Baltimore style quilt. There are lots of appliqué and hand quilting to look at in these blocks. 

My source for these blocks came from: 

Top Belle Fleur – (quilting motif) 

Middleoriginal block that I designed (no name given to it) 

BottomFeather Dash – McCall’s Quilting magazine, October 2001 issue (variation of the original block) 

Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Couldn’t wait and can you see me now?

Well …. I am a bit tardy in showing a photo of my SSCS gifts that came from Robyn last week. I’ve been wearing my scarf and it is tucked into my coat so I have forgotten to take a photo and post about it. You know what they say about ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

When my parcel arrived, my DH and I were just getting ready to head out for a Dr.’s appt. and it was one of those moments and the fact that my gift came from Australia …. WELL …. there was just no way that parcel was going to just sit there. My gorgeous, warm scarf went with me to the doctors and when we came home, I was able to sit down with a nice hot cup of coffee and had a wonderful time browsing through the magazines. Yep, three for three (scarf, good news at the doctors and magazines). A person could not ask for more!

Nope, I couldn’t wait and I am glad that I opened my gift. My scarf is keeping me snug and warm. Don’t you just love the pattern! :o) How in the world did Robyn know that the colours are perfect to go along with my new coat?

Robyn is now sourcing out more of that yarn for me (so far, she has 1-1/2 balls of yarn). My plan is to make a hat and possibly some mitts. In exchange, Robyn will be getting a wall hanging from me. So, thank you Robyn for my lovely gifts and Donna for once again organizing this swap!! :o)
Lately, my fabric buying has been a bunch of backing fabrics coming into my studio. After being washed and dried, they are sitting in a pile just waiting to be put away or in the case of Ashes, the perfect hideyhole. Can you see me now??
Have a great day!

Monday, December 15, 2008

My lst round robin block

Waaaay back in August, my first block in the Spring Fling Round Robin 2 was mailed to the next person on my list and the above block is what I did.

…. and this is the finished quilt. What a delightful quilt! :o) It truly is amazing to see the difference from my first stitches to the last and the ladies after me brought my part to life. In fact, when I checked out the final version, at first I could not see my block as there was so much going on.
Go here to this post to read more about the quilt. Be sure to check back to the main blog as there are more quilts to be revealed over the next few weeks and they will be awesome.
Have a great day!

Edit: Unfortuntely, I am not the person to own this lovely quilt. It is Margaret (hostess of our swap and the Four Seasons Quilt Swap 4 and 5). For this quilt, I started the block; then another person added the 1st border; then another person added the 2nd border; then another person quilted it,added the binding and label and then mailed the finished quilt to Margaret. When you consider the number of people working on this quilt, it is so amazing that it turned out like this.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Prints in the snow …

Envelopes have been arriving with siggies from around the world. What fun it is to open the letters and see what someone has sent me. :o) Quite often, I don't know that a siggie is coming to me until I receive the envelope. To me, each time I go to the mail box I'm curious to see what is there besides bills and junk mail. These are what came in recently. 
#1 – Cuny from The Netherlands 
#2 – Vera from Belgium (Vera is 72 and still quilting ….. well done) 
#3 – Anita from Belgium (Vera is the mother, and Anita is her daughter) 
#4 – Bonnie from North Carolina,U.S.A. 
#5 – Renee from The Netherlands 
#6 – Kieny from Taiwan #7 – Puck from The Netherlands 
#8 – Tini from The Netherlands (Tini is 71 yrs. old and still quilting ..... bravo).
#9 - Freda from California, U.S.A.

....... and here are my siggies that have been sent out. 

Prints in the snow. That is what happens when we get the first dusting of snow. Prints. What animal made them? It is always fun for me to take a peek and try to figure out who made them. When we were young, my Dad taught us how to recognize paw prints whenever we went with him into the bush. It was fascinating to try and figure out if some of the tracks were being stalked and how fresh the prints were. I love the fabric that was used to make the triangles. It was perfect to frame my center block. I say ‘was’ because there isn’t anymore of it left. Making these siggies is a good way to use up scraps and good to get them out of my stash. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another set of blocks

These are from my Baltimore style quilt which I will eventually show you the whole quilt. I actually prefer to see little bits at a time to appreciate the whole quilt and this way you can see a bit more of the detail that was so painstakingly done. 

My source for these blocks came from: 

TopHearts All Around – McCall’s Quilting magazine, June 2001 issue 

MiddleOak Laurel – McCall’s Quilting magazine, August 2001 issue 

BottomApple Glory – McCall’s Quilting magazine, August 2001 issue 

There is a lot of appliqué and hand quilting in these blocks. Enjoy!

Friday, December 5, 2008

My helpers are waiting ….

Since we inherited our kitties this past year, they have snooped out every corner of our home. But, the best place they love to check out is my studio and when I’m working on a project …… well, they are just waiting for me to start my work and then they are watching my every move

So, you think they are getting ready for a long snooze?
Nope, just waiting for me to open up a cabinet or drawer and they are in there in a flash. Oh, happy days! :o)

I wonder what will happen once the Christmas boxes comes out of storage?
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In a teasing mood .....

There is not much to show for quilting around my house right now ….. so will be pulling from my archives. 

To start, these blocks are just a section of a Baltimore style quilt which we use to hang in our dining room for Christmas. You will just have to come back to see the other sections.

My sources for these blocks are: (I rarely follow a pattern and substitute my own version)

left - Evening Dew (quilting motif from

middle - Shattered Star (McCall's Quilting, Dec.2001 magazine - the center portion of the block was changed by adding an applique motif)

right - Pink Thistle (Conway Album-I'm Not From Baltimore-book) and of course, I just had to change the colour to blue! :o)

Have a great day!