Thursday, October 28, 2021

Gingham Swirl progressing along!

I knew that if I concentrated on just one project at a time, great progress could easily be seen.  That is what happened to my "Gingham Swirl".  This is the only project that has been steadily worked on for the past two months and what a difference already.   This UFO had only one block made when the bin was pulled from the shelf back at the end of August.  Since then, wholey moley ..... much, much progress has been made.

Below shows two borders with the scroll basted in place.  Why basting?  That way, I don't have to deal with pins galore nor my scroll shifting during handling and storing when it is not being worked on.

Stitching down those edges takes time, but so relaxing.  Only the one edge is being sewn down because there is a reason for that.
Can you see the upper right hand corner?  See how the red in the upper part is cut away?
Close-up of the cut-out area.  See the piece of red print fabric on the right?  That will be inserted in the cut-out area.  That is why only the one edge of the scroll has been sewn onto the dark red fabric.  Oh, fun, fun, fun!
When I sent a photo to a friend, she oohed and aahed and asked if that was easy to do.

Well, yes and no.  It depends on your skill level and if you are daring to give it a try.  I'm always ready to try something new, so why not!  LOL

So, how is this scroll border actually done?  Now, I'm not clever enough to design this border myself.  Oh no, not me!  It is available through EQ7 (which is the version I have).  After playing around with the software, this is the design that came about.  The tricky part is putting it together.

There are different versions of applique, but this is the method that I use.  

Through the software program, I was able to print out the border shapes.  Then a whole bunch of paper templates were cut out and taped together.  On the left side is my white paper template ready to be used.  So as to not get my template twisted around, it gets pinned onto the border to make sure it will fit ok before cutting out.

Then over the paper template, my fabric (that the scroll is made of) is placed on top and a couple of pins are used to make sure the template doesn't get dropped when moving the fabric and template to my cutting table.
Here is the paper template being pinned onto the fabric.  Lots of pins are involved here.  
One scroll is now pinned in place ready for trimming away the excess fabric.
This is the back of my trimmed and clipped piece showing the edges being turned over and basted.
This is what the front looks like.
Below, the scroll piece is being pinned onto the red border and basted in place.  Look closely and you can see a horizontal line drawn where the bottom of each scroll is placed and then pinned in place.  There are also vertical lines drawn as well for positioning along the border.  Those lines help to keep my scroll lined up properly throughout each border.
Two edges have been sewn down and the excess red fabric trimmed out.  Don't they look lovely?  The next two borders have been basted and ready to be sewn.  Next post, you will see the next stage of this top.  I'm getting excited to see my vision come to fruition.  
On the weather front, we did wake up to snow on the ground one morning last week.  The snow didn't last, but it was a wake up call to get things done before the cold weather and snow returns for good.

Snow tires are being put on our car today.  My windows need a good cleaning and that will happen this week.

More backings need to be done for a trip to my lovely LAer in two weeks' time.

My studio is getting a good overhaul.  Magazines and books are being sorted through and they will be donated to our day guild's encore table.  Scraps are being sorted for keep, donate or trash.  It is time for a good rethink on what I have in my stash and studio.

My studio has become a dumping ground and it overwhelms me sometimes.  There is a light starting to peek though the tunnel.  Bins are getting emptied and that is encouraging.  UFO's are getting done and that is a very GOOD THING!

It is busy, busy time around here.

Cherish your day, cherish you life!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Borders for Gingham Swirl

Now that all the blocks have been sewn together, it is time to deal with those interesting borders.

What fabrics to use, what fabrics to use?  That is my decision now.

I think for the first border, the darker red is a must.  Now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the scroll meets up well in the corners but there may be a slight adjustment and I have allowed for that by having extra fabric at the ends of the scroll!  I'm also debating about circles as cornerstones in the blocks.

This past weekend, my Aunt and cousin were finally buried in Gatineau, Quebec.  My Aunt died January 2020 and my cousin died December 2020 (neither from Covid).  We couldn't bury them due to Covid along with the border to Quebec being closed off and on for the past year and a half.  

On Saturday, it poured buckets.  Rain was preferred to snow because my Aunt did not want to be buried in snow.  So much rain fell that our hotel lobby was flooded.  The rain eased enough that we were able to put their urns into the ground.  My sister and I lowered my Aunt's urn and since neither of us can kneel well, we stretched the strings on the bag that the urn was in as low as we could go.  Still, my Aunt landed with a little bump.  Oops, sorry Aunt Bette .... I didn't mean to do that to you!   We had the reception in a huge tent outside and we all wore masks (unless we were seated).   

So, that is the end of that chapter of their lives and for us too.  My Aunt was the last of my Mom's siblings.  We have our memories and photos of our time with them and that is so precious to us.

While in Gatineau/Ottawa, we ate out twice in restaurants.  We had to show our vaccination certificate showing that we had our two vaccine shots.  Standing we wore masks, but we could take them off when sitting.  Our tables were spaced out.  I still feel uncomfortable eating out, but knowing that everyone else there were double vaxxed, that is some comfort.

Our nice warm weather is coming to an end and snow is expected this weekend.  Snow ..... so soon?  The last of the plants that I want to overwinter for next year must be taken in today or they will turn to mush with the frost.

Our snow tires will be installed on our SUV next week.  Time to check out the snowblower as it looks like we will be getting a lot of snow this winter!

I'm working on getting bindings made for three quilts.  Having a quilt on my lap when the temperature dips will be most welcome!

Cherish your day, cherish your life!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Wheels on the Cart!

A lot of work has been happening over the past few weeks at our cottage.  One bedroom that had dark panelling was transformed with a couple coats of white paint.  A new floor was also installed.  What a change.  Plus the outside of our cottage went from beige to Wedgwood Blue.  Sorry no photos, but we are happy with the changes.

While driving to and fro from home to the cottage, the fall foliage showed us its' glory.  This section of the gravel road to our cottage is mostly yellows.  Other sections are beautiful reds and oranges but we didn't stop to take photos of those trees.  We didn't want to linger on the roads too long as it is hunting season and we weren't wearing orange vests.

This was taken at our lake.
I've been admiring this cedar tree for many years.  It is over 50 yrs. old and was already there when my parents bought the property.  How beautiful those cedar trees have grown.  It would be perfect to take photos of one of my quilts hanging from a branch.

Here is my latest finish!  Whooohooo ....

The breeze was blowing and I had to quickly take my photos as the quilt danced in the breeze. 

Quilt Details:

I started making hourglass blocks in October 2020 during a sew along with Cluck Cluck Sew.  All my blocks were made using charm squares.  Yippee ..... that stash was greatly reduced along the way!

Then, I started playing with EQ7 to see what interesting design I could come up with to use all those hourglass blocks and viola "Wheels on the Cart" was born.

Started:  October 2020

Top finished:  January 2021

Quilt finished:  October 2021

Quilt size:  74-1/2" x 93-1/2" (top size before quilting, washing and drying:  76-1/4" x 94-3/4")

Batting:  Hobbs poly on a roll

Machine quilted by:  Kathy Wareham

Another quilt is done and the top was finished during the start of a long covid lock-down!  What can I say except how happy I am to have this quilt finished and ready to enjoy this winter.

This past weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada.  This year, it was decided to spend the holiday at our cottage.  It has been over 25 yrs. since we last did that.  The weather was perfect and the temperature was warm and that is something we haven't seen in many years.  The younger generation hit the trails and roads on their atv's and what fun they had. 

Cherish your day, cherish your life!