Thursday, July 25, 2013

Changing the pattern

As I work along on the Promise of Spring pattern, it keeps changing bit by bit.  Some of the pattern remains, yet there is a difference. If any of you have Kim Diehl's pattern, take a look and see the changes.  There will be a lot more changes and at the end there will be a comparison to her pattern and what I end up making.

Since posting these photos, I'm planning on changing some of the pieces that have already been sewn down and I'll explain why.  The lightbulb clicked on and I have to go with the idea.
Come back and see more.
Those of you wondering about Miss Hank ..... she had the tumor removed and analysed.  It came back high grade malignant.  Right now, she is back to racing around the house, eating well and playing and wanting to be outside to chase the backyard chippie (chipmunk) and is, once again, the dominant kitty.  The cause of the tumor was from a rabies shot in the rump (which the vets don't do anymore).  If we have her for another year, we will count our blessings.  This poor kitty is sure using up her 9 lives. 
Have a great day!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shaping up

My version of Kim Diehl's Promise of Spring is coming along quite nicely.  Instead of a throw quilt size, my quilt will be queen size and I figured out how to make it work.  You know, I do love Kim Diehl's patterns .... and yet, why do I always change them? 

My promise of keeping up with my UFO's brought out this old project (shown below).  I think the last time I showed this was back in July 2011.  Yikes .... that is 2 yrs. without doing anything on this lovely project!  I haven't come up with a name yet for this quilt, so it remains as D046 (which is the number from Barbara Brackman's Block Base software program).
This photo below is the one where my top is at the halfway point.  Now, I'm working towards getting 3/4's done.  This is a good summer project to take along while travelling or staying at the cottage.
Have a great day!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Promise of Spring

I have wanted to make this quilt (Kim Diehl design ... love, love, love her patterns) for some time now (as in years) and finally bit the bullet and started it.  Also, a break was needed from working on my UFO's all the time and to be honest, I was getting a tad bored with them.  So, it was time for something new!

In my stash, there is a bin of plaids and another bin of stripes.  Perfect for this quilt.  Here is my first block ... and .... no, I'm not following the pattern exactly (nothing new there)!  The pattern templates have been reduced by 80% to fit onto the lighter squares.  Block size is 24" square (as per the original pattern).  That is a big block for me and something that I don't really do a lot of.
It is great to have another design board on hand so that my big design wall doesn't get disturbed and I can play with something new, while still keeping my UFO's in my face so that they can be worked on between blocks.
A bit more prepping and all the applique is ready for sewing down.  Yes, it feels good to start something new.

Have a great day!