Thursday, October 22, 2015

Winding down

The renovations for now are winding down.  Just in time for my Aussie friends who will be arriving tomorrow and staying for a week.  What fun we will have!

For my appliqué group at day guild this week, three more blocks were presented for them to do.  The ladies are doing good and some are thinking outside the box and I'm keen to see what else they come up with.  The appliqué method this time was using freezer paper.

This is what my pattern is like so far.
These are the three new blocks:

The next set of appliqué blocks will be presented in January 2016.

Have a great day!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, O'Canada

Well, I can't believe that it is Canada's Thanksgiving today.  What a beautiful day it is.  As I type this post, it is a balmy 21C and that must be a record.  Oh yes, we'll take it!

DH and I have been quite busy around the house doing painting and minor renovations.  I just finished painting doors/closet doors #17 and #18.  Then, I recounted the doors and lo and behold, that number should read #24 and #25.  I guess after painting that amount of doors, it was easy to forget a few.  Only one more to go.  Groan.

A bit of quilting has been going on, but only a bit.

I'm trying to revive/teach appliqué to members of my Day Guild.  There are about 15 ladies that stay after our day meeting ends.  There is much interest and now I've designed a quilt/blocks so that they can practise their sewing skills.  None of the blocks will be hard because I really do want them to stay interested and finish their blocks as they are presented.

This is what I've come up with.  Two heart blocks have already been made and this is their position.  I'm excited to show the ladies the quilt pattern at the next guild meeting next week.  As each month is presented, the empty spaces will get filled in.
I will be making a One Block Wonder quilt and this is the fabric that has been chosen.   This photo was sent to my friend, Debra for her advise since she has taught a number of OBW classes before.  She said it was perfect!  Yeah!
Then, my friend, no-blog Mary sent me a birthday gift.  PJ's.  When I got them, I thought, oh dear, they won't fit because I'm so tall.  What a surprise because they fit perfectly.  The pant legs are long enough and so are the sleeves.  The fabric design is just perfect for me.  Thank you Mary!  Mary is coming for a visit in November and I'll be able to show her they do fit!
My Aussie friends are coming in a couple weeks' time for a visit.  They will be too late to see our autumn colours.  So, Jennifer and Kevin, this is for you!
Have a great day, eh!