Monday, April 1, 2024

March Chookshed Stitchers Challenge update

March was a bit of a dud for me ...... my quilting mojo went to sleep and not as much got done.

Why?  Well ..... we have a new member of our family.  Meet Ridley.  He came to our back door and after posting on local FB pages to see if someone owned him and even after bringing him to SPCA for microchip scanning, no one has come forward and we have decided to keep him.  He is so friendly and loving and used to people and kids.

He captured hubby's heart and that was it .... he is ours now.  I did go through the listing for poisonous plants and quite a few house plants got culled to keep him safe.
He even helped me to bind a quilt but mostly got in the way.  I can see a lot of  him photobombing in my future!  LOL

I did eventually get binding on my quilt ..... more on that later.

The bargello strips all got sewn together and it just needs two outer borders and this top will be done.
Three tops went to the LAer and came back a week later.  Yea .... more quilts to bind!
Seven pillowcases got made:

More batting pieces got frankenpieced for an ongoing project .... and that is such a good thing!

So, that's it for March.  Now, what about April?  #9 was pulled and this is what I will be working on.  It has been years since working on this UFO.  How lovely it will be to finish my "Rail Fence Delight".

Upcoming posts will be to show my newest finished quilt and also what quilts are on display for April.  Stay tuned!

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


julieQ said...

OH what a beautiful new baby you have!!! Love Ripley!!! Such lovely quilts; you always inspire me.

cityquilter grace said...

good progress even with ridley around!

dq said...

Lucky for Ridley, he has joined a loving family. Pets can be such a joy in our lives. We just got a new baby colt Friday. I cannot help but go out and visit him several times a day.
You may say your mojo went away, but it looks to me like you got a ton done! The work you do is so exquisite! I truly enjoy visiting your blog.

Good luck on number 9. It is inspiring me because of what you have pieced around the applique'. It so pretty.

Kim said...

How wonderful Ridley found you both! He is a sweetie. Such a lovely photo of him sitting on your hubby's lap. The Bargello quilt is fabulous with all those tiny squares and as for Rail Fence is indeed a delight.

Maria said...

Looks Ridley picked you to be his loving owner and he’s settled in well.
For someone who has lost her mojo you did achieve a lot.
Some lovely quilts there . Really like the scrappy Bargello.
Your #9 is another nice UFO to work on.

loulee said...

Great that you have welcomed Ridley in to your home. You will find his skills as a quilt inspector and sleep tester invaluable as you continue to create and bind your lovely works. LOL
Lovely to see so many works.

Gretchen Weaver said...

Rail Fence Delight is a cutie! I don't remember ever seeing this one before. Enjoy your new cat. We used to get lots of strays on the farm but they stayed in the barn. Happy stitcing!

Narelle said...

Ridley is a gorgeous reason to not get as much done although you still seem to have achieved lots.
Rail Fence quilt looks lovely ... I look forward to seeing your finish.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, Ridley is such a hunk! I miss having a kitty in the house. I love that quilt you are binding (where Ridley is laid out on your legs "helping" you).

Laura said...

Ridley is such a handsome fellow...of course you couldn't resist him! Lovin' that Rail Fence Delight! :)

Hanne said...

It looks like you got a lot done anyway :-)
What an adorable new friend you have got. Cats and quilts go very well together.

dutchcomfort said...

Ridly is a real cutie!! Enjoy his company!