Monday, September 26, 2022

It's been a while!

My life is quite busy at the moment and will continue for another few more weeks.

Cottage season is winding down and my sister and I are trying to get as much done outside and inside while weather permits.  Our Canadian Thanksgiving is in a few weeks time and that is when we close down the cottage for the season.

The squirrel saga continues.  The cedar seeds have dried up and are now brown in colour.  We keep checking each time we go out to the cottage to see if the squirrel has stored away these seeds.  Come on, squirrel, you only have two more weeks to get it done.  Don't keep us in suspense!

Trees are changing colours.  The clouds in the back caught my attention.  They looked gorgeous against the darker blue.  A rain front was moving in.
A bit of sitting around a campfire before the rain started.  Not too many more of these this year.

Quilting wise .... not too much happening.

My 2" x 4" (finished) rectangle top is coming along.  The center is all sewn together and then I decided to make it slightly bigger by adding to pieces to three sides. 

Waiting on the sidelines are more rectangles cut for a another quilt.  This will be the third one I've made using these fabrics.  Love them for kiddies!
My September binding challenge is slow going ..... binding will be cut and sewn on over the next few days as I do want to work on this quilt at the cottage this coming weekend.
This triangle project is slow going and I'm starting to lose interest.  I'm thinking a wall hanging size instead of a bigger project.  That is how my UFO numbers got so large.  A lot of interest and then they sort of fizzle out. 
This one is very happy with her quilt that was gifted recently.
Sadly, this one had to have some dental work and a trip out-of-town was on the cards.  This quilt kept her warm.
I'm all caught up until next time.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


loulee said...

Two very lovely quilts keeping little people wrapped in love. Hope the dentistry didn't cause too much distress.
Good luck with your binding.

Jennifer said...

Oh my.....yes, the leaves are changing noticeably now! It's very rewarding when your quilts are loved and appreciated, isn't it? Almost makes you want to start another

Kyle said...

Sweet kiddo quilts. They are definitely well appreciated. I love the changes that Autumn brings. Enjoy you last days at your cottage and don't forget to get that binding done!!

Kim said...

It’s a bittersweet time when the end of cottage season arrives. I’ll be tucking in my yard and garden over the next three weeks, preparing for winter months and a welcome break from summer chores. I think it’s true that squirrels don’t remember their many food stashes, like birds tucking away seeds in tree bark. It is a strange thing that squirrels go about chopping off sections of tree branches at a certain point in summer. Cute quilt for this dear little girl. It’s always nice to make quilts for kids who seem to love and use them. Happy autumn season and all it’s transitions.

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely quilt.......