Sunday, October 2, 2022

Another month .... two more quilts!

No-blog Mary and I have done it again!  For September, we each have another quilt finished for our binding challenge!

This is Mary's:

This is mine (more on this in another post):

We have selected our quilts to bind for October.  Whatever Mary pulls out of a bag is her choice for each month.  Me, I am more particular about which quilt to bind each month.

This is Mary's:
Mary thinks we both worked on making this quilt around the same time as I have this quilt also.

This is my October quilt to bind:
Both our quilts this month are huge ones ..... so, best get cracking on making that binding!

Cottage time is winding down.  We are going to have a few warm days and nights this week and my sister and I will be heading out in the morning to do more outside painting.

The family are making plans to all be out there this coming weekend to celebrate our Canadian Thanksgiving.  The weekend temps are going to be cool with possibility of snow!  Snow?  Ye Gods!

I will be checking on the saga of the squirrel.  Will those seeds finally be gone or not?  We shall see.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Kyle said...

Another win for you both. The unbound pile must be almost gone? I hope the snow doesn't make it's appearance quite yet, although, we could see fresh snow on some mountain peaks yesterday. Not close enough to impact me yet.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Good going on another quilt bound. My thing these days seems to be having flimsies hanging the closet waiting to be quilted. Yeah, snow is a dirty word. I'm not too happy with the cool temps we're having and thus having the heat on. I think its a few weeks early myself. I know my spider lilies bloomed about three weeks earlier this year than last year.

loulee said...

Two lovely finishes. And two more bindings to start. you girls are going well.
How appropriate that Mary is working on a churn dash. LOL

Jennifer said...

Snow at Thanksgiving - oh my! Well done on the bindings, every completed binding is another finished quilt. I like Mary's scrappy design, and your quilt has such an interesting border.

Anonymous said...

Fancy Mary's being a churn dash quilt........ I'm behind so I'm sure they would be done now.....