Friday, May 14, 2021

It's a Star Thing

From a recent post where I showed my "Pressed Flowers" quilt, a friend asked (when we video chatted last month and I was sewing on the binding) is this where my adventure with that star started?

Indeed, this was the start of all my quilts and tops with those stars.  I just love, love, love that star.

So, sit back and enjoy all of those stars.  Stars on the brain!  LOL

First off is my "Pressed Flowers"

Next and so on are all my finished quilts.

A quilt for my great nephew who is a star!

How about a vase of star flowers (same star .... just smaller)?
I took a class to make this quilt and the teacher urged us all to make something different and I did with a cross of stars!
This blue/green quilt needed something to give it a zing.  Red stars and circles did the trick.
Stars were used in three places in this quilt.  
Then here are the tops waiting for their turn to be quilted.

Stars in the borders and in the center.
What about all stars in the borders?  Why not!  This is so, so effective!
One star but how it anchors the whole look of this apple core top!
Then we have two UFO's waiting in bins.  Now, I'm surprised by this ..... only two UFO's with stars?

So, this has been quite the journey and knowing myself ...... I'm not done with stars yet!   Will you be surprised if a new project pops up with stars in it?

All my quilts, tops and UFO's have been a labour of love.

What about you?  Have you used an item over and over and over again?

I keep journals of all my finished quilts, tops and UFO's and that is how I was able to assemble all of these photos for this post.    That is something that was done when I first started to quilt and now am so glad that the time was taken to mark down my starts and finishes and everything in between in my journals.

Today is Hubby and my 44th wedding anniversary.   How can that be?  Where has the time gone?  

Life is good!

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


karenbbsnow said...

Your quilts are gorgeous, I loved your post with all the different quilts using that cute star.

Just how do you make that adorable star? Inquiring quilty minds need to know, lol..

Beth French said...

So many beautiful quilts! I've just been looking through all of your finished quilts. What a dedicated and prolific quilter you are. A delight to look at all of your quilts.

Jennifer said...

Love those have a whole galaxy going on!

Frog Quilter said...

All those quilts are beautiful!!! They sing pretty.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. Yeah, time flies uncontrollably. Those stars do add a lot to your quilts. I don't think there's one element that is used in a lot of my quilts.

Chookyblue...... said...

wow they look great......and I will not be surprised if you use stars again..........theu sure are effective......and adapted so many everything you make but I think you should already know that........

Nancy said...

Your star quilts are gorgeous! You've mastered using stars to great advantage in so many ways. It's a great help to keep a notebook and photos as we make each quilt. Sometimes I'm better than others about the smallest details but I love having the notebooks to remind me what my choices were and the decisions I made along the way. I was trying to figure out if the star is pieced or appliqued but I can't tell from the photos. Did you make the pattern yourself?

Kyle said...

I loved see all those stars together in a starry collection.