Thursday, April 15, 2021

What's New?

Well, first thing, I've thrown my back out twice in the last two weeks.  You would think by now that I would've learned how to bend properly?  Nope ..... it seems to take back pain for me to think twice.  Lucky for me that since I have been doing back exercises, my down times are short and after a few days, my back is almost normal again.

I did start a new project, then had to pause because it hurt too much to sit at my sewing machine, but now that pause has ceased and I can finally sew again.

After the pause ..... but then noticed an oopsie!  It is an easy fix.  Just time consuming with my seam ripper.
I haven't abandoned my UFO's.  There is a bin of about one hundred of nine patch blocks and I've been playing with them for inspiration.  If I do hand pieced blocks as an alternative block, then this will be perfect for taking and working on at the cottage.  Cottage season will start next month and I do need to be prepared.  Other UFO's will be looked at also for take-alongs with me.
There are about six quilts that need binding and those will be coming out with me also to work on.  They will be perfect for those cool mornings and evenings and will help to keep my legs and feet warm.

A number of you have been asking about my tulip quilt.  Finally, finally, a border fabric was found and that is what I will be doing this weekend.  Photos will be coming soon.

My sister, her hubby, my hubby and I will be getting our first vaccine shot on Monday!  As one of my nieces said .... "wow, date night at the vaccine clinic"!  Our shots are about 20 minutes apart as we booked our appointments one after the other and chose the same dates and time frame.

More elastic has been bought because we will need more masks as hubby and I will be out and about more now that the nice weather is coming.  

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Kyle said...

Hope you're feeling better. I like your newest quilt. For some reason it has a nautical look, like sailing flags.

Jacqui's Quilts said...

I finally discovered your blog! Fun! Love those 9 patches with those blocks in between...are those the ones you want to do by hand? That'll be a perfect cottage project. I LOVE piecing by hand and always have something on the go for that :-). Looking forward to following your blog!