Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Down by the Lake

That is the name of this quilt.  The greens and blues at the cottage in spring/summer months.  The red is for the maple trees that turn a glorious red in the fall.  We opened our cottage for the season this past Sunday and I took this quilt out for photos, but it rained and that opportunity was lost.  So, next best is out back of our home.
This was my inspiration.  Blues and greens.  The colours at our cottage.
This quilt has had a lot of revamping from start to finish.  I wanted to design something special, but ended up with just alternating green and blue squares.  My mojo was lost for my original design idea.  In January 2013, I considered it a finished top.  I was so done with this project.
Then in May 2013, I started to tinker with the look.  What about adding some of my favourite stars and some circles?  Yes, I think so.  It took the look from BORING to happy.  As an aid to ensure that stars were appliqued on the right spot (see all the pink squares) and the circles (all the green squares), pieces of paper were cut and then pinned with safety pins in their correct spots.   
There, what a difference that touch of red added.  Just one month and all the applique was added.  Then, it sat on the shelf waiting for it's turn to be turned into a quilt.  For six years!
That red fabric would be perfect for the binding, but where was it?  A search through my UFO bins and it was found!  Eureka!  Now, this quilt is done and we can enjoy it.  Happy days!

Quilt Details:
Started:  June 2008
Top finished:  January 2013 and then finally in May 2013 (for good .... LOL)
Quilt finished:  May 2019
Block size:  4" x 4" squares finished
Quilt Size:  70-1/2" x 86" (before quilting, washing and drying:  72-3/4" x 89")
Batting:  Hobbs 80/20 cotton poly
Machine quilted by:  Kat's Quilts

Have a great day!

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Jenny said...

You are so right, the touch of red in your quilt makes all the difference! Congratulations on a great finish.

Jennifer said...

What a cheerful happy quilt! I love the beautiful green trees by the lake.....such a gorgeous colour.

Chookyblue...... said...

Oh that is so lovely.........worth all the years.....