Friday, March 1, 2024

Oh, those challenges!

February is over and now I can tally up what was done for that month with the Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge and my monthly binding challenge.

February was such a busy month for me outside my studio.  Lots and lots of appointments for hubby and school pick-ups and hosting hubby's 75th birthday.  I'm lucky to have got done more than I thought.  It appeared that I didn't do anything, until I started adding up what I actually did.  Surprised me!  Bonus! 

First off, all of these quilts now have their hanging sleeves and there are no more to be done.  Yeah me!  They are all stored away ready for their turn for display.  While sewing on the sleeves, two quilts didn't have labels!  Oh dear me!  I'm so careful about adding labels always to my quilts and don't understand how two got missed.  That issue has been resolved and everything is up to date.

Then, three rows have now been added to the top and bottom of each of these sections.  Those sections are now ready to go to the next stage of having applique added.  More on this later or maybe a wee bit later.

My binding got added to this quilt.  More about this quilt on a separate post.  What you see is the back of the quilt.  I had one extra block and thought it would look interesting on the back.
One more block got finished on this QAYG (quilt as you go) Log cabin project   I'm doing big stitch hand quilting in the ditch.  Batting was frankenpieced for the new block.  Bonus!
This is what the block looks like from the back.
Then before the clock struck midnight, one more block got sewn .... it just needs to be done as QAYG.  Happy about that as this project has stalled.

Now, for the month of March, #4 has been chosen to work on.  This is what I have assigned for #4:

NICU baby blankets
gift or donation quilts
adult bibs
frankenpiecing batting
QAYG Log Cabin

So, based on the above, hopefully this top for donation will get more progress done on it?
Strips have been cut to make a scrappy bargello quilt and this is my start.  This top will also be a donation quilt and I will just putter away at sewing and cutting up those strips.
Binding will be added to this quilt.
My Log Cabin QAYG will have a few more blocks added to the project.  This block that was finished last night is now pin basted ready for sewing the binding down and big stitch hand quilting.  More batting was frankenpieced!  Another bonus!
Here is the link to others participating in the Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge.

Our winter has been so unusual this year.  Not much snow.  Instead we ave been having rain and then this week we had bouts of hail, rain and thunder and lightening.  You can see the hail in the photo below.  It was bouncing off the patio and hitting our window and startling us.  After the storm, we had really cold temps and a fast freeze and then this coming week, the temps will be nice and warm again.  Bizarre weather.  The way it is going, cottage season will be starting up sooner than normal.
Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Jennifer said...

Oh wow - no, that's not much snow at all, is it. Hail doesn't count as snow! Your QAYG blocks remind me of V-neck sweaters....

Laura said...

Wow! Looks like you had a very productive month! :)

loulee said...

February was a good productive month. Love those hexies.

Florida Farm Girl said...

The weather has been strange all over and, I'm sorry to say that I think its not going to end any time soon. No that I have a quilt rack on the way, I need to start putting hanging sleeves on the smaller quilts. I can fold and hang the larger ones. I've been wanting the hanger for a long time but never just did it. I'm loving it.

dq said...

That is a lot of hail! It is also a lot of sewing progress despite you thinking otherwise!
You certainly have hefty goals for March as well. Good luck!

dq said...

Good on you for labeling and adding hanging sleeves. I am not a labeler. I suppose I could print my blog into a book for the best record anyway.

Chookyblue...... said...

OMG so many projects.......