Sunday, September 24, 2023

In a Fog

The last three blocks for my red/white applique are now done.

I was at the cottage and finished them there.  In the morning, there was a heavy fog on the lake and thought that would be perfect spot for photos.

How about on the wood pile by the fire pit?

Or maybe on these concrete steps that my Dad built over 50 yrs. ago and are never used now.  The lakefront has changed over the years making these steps unusable.
Now, I can start playing around with sashings and my plan is for using different fabrics.  Or maybe not if my plan doesn't look good.

Here are all my blocks together sans sashings.  The blocks may get shuffled around a bit to ensure the colour differences are spaced out nicely.  Borders?  What to do about them?  Will need to do a bit of thinking about them.  Some applique or just plain?  Decisions, decisions.

In a previous post, I had shown a photo of a dam.  The dam has now been breached by a gap about 2ft. wide.  Water is pouring out.  Hunting season is here now and I do think that rodent has met an unpleasant ending.  No photo as it was pouring rain when we drove over the bridge.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Jennifer said...

That is certainly foggy! I can see the arabesque shape from the corner of your red blocks making an interesting applique for in the reminds me of domed minarets.

cityquilter grace said...

very nice blocks...hmmm border or not? have to think on that...mum says it's been very foggy up her way in maine as well...likewise when we were at the beach...time of year when water is warmer than the air i suppose...

loulee said...

The fog makes your photos look incredibly atmospheric.