Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Hexie a go go!

Great progress has been made and my goal is to complete it this month!  Can I do it?  I think I CAN!

This is how my sewing of the pieces look.  I can see a bit of thread from the front.

This is the back showing my whip stitch.  A variegated crochet poly/cotton is being used to sew the hexies together.  It is a tad hard to sew with the crochet thread, but it will be stronger than just regular thread.  Plus, this was in my stash and a good way to use some of it up.  Waste not, want not .... use it up or give it away.
Some readers have been wondering at the size of these hexies.  The edge size of my front hexie is 2-1/2" so that my hexie finishes at a good size.  Roughly 5" high and 4-1/2" wide.  Perfect to use up repro charms for the front pieces.  Batting was cut out the same size and some batting strips were frankpieced.  Again, use it up as those strips would have ended up in the landfill.  I'm feeling very resourceful these days!  LOL  Use it up ..... use it up .... use it up ..... that seems to be my motto lately.  The more that gets used, the less in my stash.  I'm looking ahead ..... years are adding on to my age and I won't live forever to use up my stash.
The violet template (below) is my backing template.   Fabric squares were cut out at 5-3/8" wide x 6-1/2" high and then trimmed using the template.   The template could have been bigger to make turning the edges over easier, but this is what was found after rummaging through my EPP templates.  The sizes turned out great for me after all.
This is what my project looks like so far.  The bottom two rows have all been attached.  The next two rows up will be next to sew together and then they will be attached to the bottom two rows.
Only 5 more hexies to make and then I can concentrate on finishing this quilt.
Oh happy, happy days!

My mind has been dancing with new ideas to try out.  I'm thinking the Kingfisher quilt but with a twist.  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Our area has been having air quality alerts from the forest fires in Quebec.  Yesterday morning was pretty bad.  The smell of smoke was quite noticeable.  We so badly need a couple days of rain to put out those fires.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Jennifer said...

Hexies a go go - yes! A great way to use up fabric and batting scraps, and a fun quilt when it's finished.

cityquilter grace said...

hope you'll be safe and danger will avoid your area...loving those hexies and yes, being resourceful is its own reward..using up stuff and things that have been lying around is a very good feeling...and thinning the stash is always a win/win!

loulee said...

You have made great progress. Good on you for using up scraps of batting, nothing at all wrong with piecing bits together, that is where our craft began, by using up scraps and left overs to make pretty things.

Vicki W said...

How exciting to be so close to being done! It's going to be a beautiful and special quilt.