Saturday, December 24, 2022

Another top done!

It feels good to get this top done and ready to bring to the LAer in the new year.

This top went together rather quickly which is so surprising to me.  What I try to do is assemble pieces to make at least one block before going to bed.  In the morning, those pieces are ready to be sewn together.  This way, it feels that something is getting accomplished and it motivates me to get more ready for the next day.  It was a good evening when five to ten blocks got ready for the morning.  This top came mostly from scraps and I had to dip into my stash just to get a nice variety of fabrics towards the end.  Win-win!

I've been doing this also for borders and binding and it seems to be working ..... because I got this top done too!  Talk about magical!  This project has been on the go since .... well ..... many, many ages ago!
Then, I plugged away at some knitting and this hat got done!  You can't really see, but that is an elephant head on top of the hat.  So cute!
The project I'm working on now is this old ufo.  Will it get done before the new year?  We'll see.  I'm not really thrilled with the fabrics and am seriously thinking that this will turn out to be UGLY and I don't do UGLY!  LOL
With all the talk of that major storm ..... we got snow, but not a whole lot but it is still coming down.  This evening, I put a hot pot of soup outside (just outside our kitchen patio doors) on top of the snow to cool down and I could hear what sounded like freezing drizzle hitting the top of the snow.   In case you wonder, I do this quite often in the winter because the hot pot (with cover on) and whatever is inside cools down quite quickly.   I do this only if the temperature hovers around zero or way below zero .... you know, food safety.

Wishing all who celebrate Xmas and other celebrations, to have a safe and happy time.  

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Gretchen Weaver said...

The first quilt is an interesting design. It's so nice when a quilt goes together speedily. I LOVE the applique on the 2nd quilt, she a beautiful quilt! Happy stitching and Happy Christmas!

Jennifer said...

Best wishes o you and your family, Rose Marie, for a peaceful and happy Christmas!

cityquilter grace said...

very pretty finishes rose marie...very cold here so can imagine how it is up your way...winter is wonderful for! merry merry christmas to you all!

Chantal said...

Two more quilts ready for quilting before the year-end is an amazing task! Kudos! I love the little hat with the elephant. So cute! We had lots of rain and snow with visibility zero at times and a power outage. Don't know if everyone got power back up but we do. Have a lovely Christmas to you and yours. ;^)

loulee said...

Two lovely finishes, the second one feels kind of Christmassy, those corner stones look like poinsettias.
Hmm, the UFO/WIP looks a little busy compared to your usual fare. Maybe once you get a couple more blocks made?