Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Border flowers

I absolutely love this quilt!
That scroll work on the top and bottom is different and sure sets off the whole look.  It looks so dainty!  Those are tiny hexagon flowers in the scroll work.
A close up of some of the flowers:
Marcie Patch .... what do you think of your hexagon flowers now?  I call this quilt "Border Flowers" in honour of you and me (U.S.A. and Canada)

To those that don't know the story behind the above comment, Marcie Patch (designer of quilts in McCall's Quilting Magazine) wrote on her blog (no longer active) Apr. 10, 2009 that she had hexagon flowers to giveaway.  She and her aunt started them but Marcie didn't want them anymore.  I won them!  Yeah me!

When the package arrived, I tried to sew the flowers together but they just wouldn't lay flat no matter what I did.  So, I TOOK them all apart, washed the fabric pieces and using my own templates, redid the whole lot.  The white pieces were added from my stash.

When I looked at her templates, Lordy, there were three different sizes.  No wonder there were problems in sewing the flowers together.   BTW, Marcie knows about this because a photo and email was sent to her after the top was finished explaining what I did to make them work.

So, her castoff is now my TREASURE!  Can you see me doing the happy dance?

Quilt details:
Quilt started:  April 2009
Quilt top finished:  February 2018
Quilt finished:  July 2019
Quilt size:  59" x 87-1/4" (top size before quilting, washing and drying:  64" x 87-1/4")
Batting:  Hobbs cotton poly 80/20
Machine quilted by:  Kat's Quilts

Now that summer is here, it was time to take down the July 1 quilts and out came all the summer quilts.  Take a peek at what is on display in our foyer, dining room and living room. 

Have a great day!

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eloidastitches said...

I Love what you did with this quilt!! The swirly applique makes everything shine. Your house looks very happy with all the beautiful colour from your quilts. Must give you so much joy every day to see them hanging.

Jennifer said...

Such a pretty quilt now that it's all done! Your house looks very cheerful with the summer quilts on display, your own indoor garden.

Kyle said...

I love hearing about rescue stories. Your quilt is beautiful and the scroll applique is perfect. Your collection of summer quilts are wonderfully displayed.

Julie Fukuda said...

Hats of to you! I can't imagine taking all those things apart and re-doing them. I am also in envy of space to display your lovely work. Enjoy a summer of quilts.

Deb said...

Quite the menagerie of quilts that really brighten up the walls! I love when you change the quilts around it looks amazing and a fantastic treasure too! you are so so talented!

Nancy said...

What a lot of work to take apart and remake the hexie flowers. The quilt is fabulous. I love the layout and the white between the flowers. The quilts on your walls are beautiful. I really like the multi-colored one hanging near your stairs and also the one with long stems and leaves. But, of course, they are all wonderful. You have a very inviting home.

Anderson said...

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