Sunday, November 24, 2013

Call me Coach

Years ago, when we were living in Toronto, a young mother saw what I was doing and wanted to learn how to quilt too. 

You know how it is sometimes when a person wants to learn a new craft, they say they are really interested and you offer to help and ask when they want to meet up next and they dilly dally and can't arrange a date and so it goes.  When I asked this gal when she wanted to meet up, she said the next day.  OK .... this gal was serious! 

So, the next day we met.  She showed up with a tool box full of supplies and fabrics and was eager to start.  I took her through some of the basics and taught her how to use a roller blade, etc.  She was hooked!  She ended up taking some classes at a local quilt store and the rest is history.

She took to applique like a fish in water.  In her applique class, their project was to make a Santa quilt.  As she finished each block, I could only sit and admire and applaud her work.  The last time I saw the blocks, they were finally made into a top.

Sometimes, she went against my advice and learned the hard way, especially in hand quilting.   That is human nature.  We learn, we grow and then we do wonderful things.
We lost touch years ago, until this summer when she sent me an email and said:  "Hi Coach!" That is what she always called me.  Coach.

Take a peek at her work that she did on her Santa quilt.   Her hand quilting and applique is exquisite!

I remember seeing this same quilt hanging up in the quilt store to advertise the applique class.  When she said that was the quilt she was going to make in the class I thought to myself as a beginner, she wanted to make the whole quilt?  Not just a hanging, the whole quilt?   So, Miss Paula, Coach says you did good!  You did very GOOD!

Have a great day!