Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy Tulips

This was first shown on my Feb. 22 posting. It’s now finished and I love it! My quilt label says “Tulip Patches” but it really should be “Happy Tulips”. This was hand quilted.

It reminds me of an oil painting series that played on PBS television quite a few years ago. There was this old German man that demonstrated how to paint and he would always say, “let’s paint a happy tree here and a happy mountain there and a happy so on”. When I was working on the layout, I kept pulling all my bright scraps so that I could make happy tulips. So, that’s why this quilt should have a new name! It’s just so bright and happy and perfect to put up even though my tulips are still snoozing outside in my garden.

BTW, all those squares were pulled from a 2-1/2” square/strips bin. It sure was easy to do. Many thanks to Bonnie at for her tutorial on organizing scraps.

Best of all, this quilt was made entirely from stash! Yippee! :o)

Have a great day!


May Britt said...

Tulips are my favorite flowers and your quilt is so beautiful. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Rose Marie, that is so pretty. Is this currently hanging? If so you must have alot of wall space. Just love tulip blocks, always so cheerful to look at.

Angie said...

What a lovely 'happy' tulip quilt!! :D Just perfect for Spring and Easter! :D

Paula, the quilter said...

Bob Ross also did "happy little trees" and "pretty little mountains". I like your happy little tulips!

Diana said...

Your tulips are lovely--just the thing for early spring!

atet said...

Mnnn -- brings back lovely memories of my childhood house. My mother planted something like 200 tulips in our front flower beds and I always loved seeing them sprout up in splashes of color. What a happy quilt!

Darlene said...

Your tulips are darling! Definitely say "Spring".

Those Honey Bee blocks in an earlier post are quite cute, as well.

Teodo said...

Uauuu a blog all for applique.
Now I will look all your posts. Thanks for your visit.
I'm beginning my first applique!!!
Your tulips are very very nice.
ciao ciao

Quilts And Pieces said...

Your tulip wall hanging is wonderful! Very happy indeed!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

That's so gorgeous! Perfect timing, just in time for spring. If you have a seasonal quilt wall, like I've been planning on having for years, that would be a perfect place for it.

Great Job!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Glad to find you.

Fabricfaire said...

Congrates on such a beautiful quilt! Scraps do make for a "happy" time!