Wednesday, April 11, 2007

First came the Ducks

Oh, the year round activity we have with our pool. Birds have a great time using our winter cover for baths. Any tiny bit of water and they are having a blast. Squirrels and raccoons visit as well.

Quack, quack, quack …. what the heck? The first time I heard the quacking, I really thought there was something wrong with my ears and that I was hearing things. I was sitting in the living room and our patio door was open. Finally, I looked into the pool from the kitchen window and knew they were real. I had heard from other people about ducks in their pools and we were thrilled to have them visit us! :o) On their last visit, the ducks climbed onto the pool coping and had a snooze and were with us for a few hours! What a treat! :o)

Sorry about the poor quality of photos, but these were taken from our video and they are not the best. The video is great, though, as I was able to get sound as well! This year, my husband and I are wondering if we will have ducks visit? So far, none have showed up. The ducks (not sure if they are the same ones) have visited for three years.

Then the cat .... my husband was up early and took these photos of the cat in the pool. The cat was not sure what to make of the pool cover and was nervous about walking on it. Once he was down at the edge, he kept pawing the ice. Finally, he snatched a drink of water at the edge and then was spooked away.

We are due for some nasty winter weather over the next few days. What happened to Spring?

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Oh I just love your ducks, and the quality of photo is fine. How wonderful for you to be surrounded by such lovely wildlife. The cat looks very unsure...LOL.... Our forcast is for temps up to 20c. I know what you mean about "Where's Spring". We were having lovely days between 25 and 30c and then it dropped down to 1c...brrrrr...

Nadia said...

ciao rosemarie!
grazie per aver visitato il mio blog, piacere di conoscerti!

che bello il gatto!!!

Mary said...

Rose Marie! How funny we both have such inviting backyards! Of course I dont see how ducks could find it inviting with your cat and my two dogs!