Friday, January 17, 2020

Another section ready

Over the past few days, I've been busy prepping my hexagons and basting them.  The result is another section is ready for sewing together.  All those rows will be bagged and they will come along with me on my next trip to visit my sick aunt and frail cousin.  I need something to get me through some very sad times and this project will fit the bill perfectly.
While the above project sits in a bag, this old UFO got my attention once again.   Time to work on those blocks and how nice it will be to see this finally become a top!
One block is ready for sewing together and another is waiting in the wings.
Scrap sorting is taking place.  A lot of 2-1/2" squares are going to be needed for this project plus a few other scrap quilts that will happen.  There are bins and bins and bags and bags of scraps to be sorted through.  I wonder how many quilts can be made out of those scraps?  It will be interesting to keep count!

Again, the desire to reduce my stash is gnawing at me.  Seeing my aunt and cousin and the situation they are in, keeps bringing this subject up front and centre.  Got to reduce, reduce, reduce!

This is the time also to get some finished tops out and get backings made and send them off to my favourite LAer.

Cherish your day!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Three sections done

I've been away for two weeks helping out with an elderly sick aunt and a frail cousin.  After visiting at the hospital and cooking/cleaning for my cousin (who sleeps a lot), I did have a lot of time on my hands.  So, between reading a mystery book and doing a bit of EPP (English Paper Piecing), a third section (bottom left) was finally done on this ongoing project.  This project is not getting shelved!
Pieces for the last section were pulled out and placed onto the design wall (bottom right) to see how many pieces are needed.  Border fabrics have been auditioned to see what will fit in with the plan.
For the center sections ...... vines were made and are on hand when I start playing with that area.   Lots of applique will be happening!
I will be heading back again to help out with my aunt and cousin.  My aunt will be moving to hospice care and Lord only knows what will happen with my cousin.  Neither are expected to live much longer.  Sad times ahead .....

In the meantime, this project will be coming with me to help me get through a difficult time ahead.

Cherish each day!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A very old UFO

This quilt was my last finished quilt for 2019, but didn't have time to post about it before as it was a Xmas gift.

This quilt was started so long ago ..... as in March of 2004.  I didn't like where the project was going and it was shelved.  Then in February 2007, a new look was designed and then the work was started.  Because something new and exciting always caught my eye and my attention, the project was shelved again and again.

Finally, this summer I was determined to finally get this project going again.  So, up onto my design wall it went and then it sat and sat.

My sister was visiting me to do some clothing adjustments before she, her youngest daughter and I went on a vacation to Costa Rica and she saw the blocks on the design wall.  Oh lovely, she said.  She didn't remember that this was for her!  It was that long ago!  OMG and LOL.

Once I really dedicated my time and attention to finishing the blocks and assembling everything, it only took a few weeks to do.  Oh dear .... so much time wasted!  I know that I'm not the only one that falls victim to this waste of time/energy .... so I'm in good company.

Fussy cut circles.
Embroidery close-up.
This quilt was finally gifted to my sister and her husband Xmas 2019 as their 40th wedding anniversary.  It was originally intended for their 25, 30, 35 wedding anniversary but it never got finished until just before Xmas 2019.  Finally, done and gifted.  Whew!

Pillow shams were made and quilted but they still need to be finished and then they too can be passed over to my sister.
Quilt details:
Started:  March 2004 and restarted February 2007
Top finished:  Nov. 2019
Quilt finished:  December 2019
Quilt size:  101-1/2" x 100-1/2" (top size:  103-3/4" x 103-3/8")
Pattern source:  no pattern .... designed by me using EQ software
Batting:  Hobbs 80/20 cotton polyester
Machine quilted by:  Kat's Quilts using "Knit 1/Purl 2" quilting design

Another empty bin ..... yee haw! 

Have a great day!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

New year and a new decade

2020 ..... how time flies by when we are having so much fun!  Here we are in a new year and a new decade.

Today, I'm looking back at 2019 and what was accomplished.  You know that I don't do well with lists but a photo says it all for me.  It keeps me motivated (well that and a friend who also keeps me on my toes) to just get things done.

As we get older, we see friends and family get ill and you know that time is more precious than ever.  Right now, an elderly aunt is quite ill and that brings the meaning of time closer to home.  Time to get more things accomplished this year.  Time to clear out stuff that no longer has any meaning or need.

Time to look back now.  These are my quilts that got completed.  Quite a few of the quilts are English Paper Piecing (EPP), a lot of them scrappy (makes my heart sing!).  A good year.  Only one was hand quilted, the rest were machine quilted.

Some of these quilts never made it to the UFO stage.  They just got started and completed.  That is what I'm trying to do with new projects.  Just work on them until they are done.  No more shelving.  Here are 20 items that got finished in 2019.  Such a good year .... the most that I've ever done.  If you want a better look at these quilts, just go to the top of my blog (just below my header photo) and click onto the "Quilts 2019" tab and enjoy.
This is my visual photo to keep me focused.  Tops completed.  Love it when I can cross a top off that photo.  2019 started with 22 tops to be quilted.  Twelve got done and crossed off this photo.  Yeah!

Now, my UFO's didn't get a good rating.  Only four got to the flimsy or quilted stage.  Still, that is better than zero.  For 2020, I will just have to work harder!

For 2020, this is my record.  Down to 10 tops.  Holy cow!  That is a record for me!  I'm looking forward to getting backings ready and sending most of these to my lovely LAer.  I might just keep a couple for hand quilting, but will get them basted by the LAer.
My UFO's are at 33.   Oh humbug!  There could even be more lurking about if no photo was taken of them.
Now that I've looked backwards and forward, let's see what 2020 will bring forth!

Have a great year!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

A little bit of sewing.

A little bit of sewing has been going on in my studio.  In between the lull before Xmas.  Gift wrapping to do; Xmas decor is now out and on display and those pesky last minute gifts to get.  Just a little bit of time to do some relaxing sewing and hand work.

This UFO (just the star blocks) hasn't been touched since 2005.  LOL  I was thinking of adding some crazy blocks because the decision was made to reduce the original size of the quilt to a lap size instead.  I just want to move this UFO to a flimsy stage and be done with it.  Will it get done before the year is out?  No, but at least it is out in the open to work on again.
A neutral beige to surround those crazy blocks will give me the look I want.  This UFO is on one design wall.
This project is on the other design wall.  Time to get this project out and worked on as well or it will be shelved and become an UFO.  Side and top/bottom filler pieces are being added to the section on the left.
Oh look, another deer in our neighbour's backyard.
Soon, it will be time to look back this year and see all the quilts and tops that got done and was it a good year or not.  For me it was.  Quite a lot of quilts got finished which is such a good thing.

I have an elderly aunt (she is only 15 years older than me) that is sick with cancer and has only a few months to live.  That is my motivation to get those tops that have been sitting in a bin out and get backings done and move them on to my LAer to work her magic.  No point in procrastinating any longer.  Just get stuff done.

2020 is fast approaching and that will be the next time I post.  Too many other things to take care of for now.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Stonehenge challenge .... the journey!

This is my secret project that I've been working on since September.  I don't know why, but it was hard for me to get motivated to finish this project.

For the Northcott challenge, we had to buy 12 different kits and all the fabric on the front had to be from the Summer Solstice line of the Stonehenge fabric.

My friend, Darlene (owner of the garage we sew in), had her husband pick up some of the kits for us as he travelled by some of those towns/quilt stores for his work.  Some kits we ordered on line and some kits we got when we did a shop hop one day with friends.  We actually ended up with more than the required 12 kits and were able to pick and choose which ones we liked or needed to complete our top.

Darlene and I are both making a quilt for this challenge.  We really want to win the trip to England and Stonehenge.

Slowly, one by one, those kits got made up into blocks.  Some blocks were really complicated and others were simple.  One kit was short on fabric to complete the block.  That was annoying.

Then, my quilting groove came back.  Block by block they were getting done.
Then, Revvy came along and things kinda ground to a halt.  She was just so fascinated with everything I did in my studio.  She gave a helping hand quite often regardless if I wanted it or not.
My blocks even got the smell/taste test!
My top was coming together.
I was able to get things done while Revvy was keeping busy looking outside or sleeping.
Some Celtic applique was added in the centre.
A close-up of the applique.
For some strange reason Revvy was quite fascinated with my blocks hanging on my design wall.  

Oh, oh, when her mouth opened up, I knew finally what she was going for .... the pins.  In the mornings when I came into my studio and looked at this project, some of the pins that were pinned in the upright position were in the down position.  Revvy got to them during the night and dragged them down or right out and some pins were found on the carpet.  I was ever so careful with my box of pins and they were always hidden away in a drawer.  On the design wall was another thing.  They were up for grabs.  Quite literally!

 Hmmmm .... I don't quite like this block!
Finally, a large piece of fabric had to be hung to hide the pins.  The look on her face says it all.  She is not happy!  I took her fun away!  Bah humbug!
With and without her help, this top finally was finished and off to the LAer it went.
To make a long story short,  Miss Revvy was finally packed up and relocated to my sister's home.  Another escapade with pins and a visit to the vet and a $329.00 Xray later, Miss Revvy was not good to have around in my studio.  I didn't want her to get hurt or injured.  She was also fascinated with the needle on my sewing machine going up and down and knew it was time before that needle got into her paw.  She also loved to chew on the lever that raised/lowered my sewing foot and I had to hide that from her with a big piece of fabric weighed down with weights so that she could not get under it.  Nope, it was time for her to move on.   Her owner (my sister's youngest daughter) will be here in a few weeks and she will take her back home after her visit here.

It has been a week since she moved out and we actually do miss her, but not enough to want to catsit her again.  She was a handful.

Now that both Darlene's and my quilt are done, we met in her garage for photos.

This is Darlene's version.
This is my version.
Both have now been submitted to Northcott and it is in their hands now.  Will we be a contender or not for one of their prizes?  We shall see.

Well, I have rambled on for a bit and time to post this and move onto something else.  Perhaps a UFO?

Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Humble Xmas Quilt

I've been promising photos of this quilt for a while now and finally got around to taking it outside looking for that perfect shot.  The day was dreary and my quilt sort of gleams against the brick wall and the wee bit of snow on the ground.

The backing on my quilt has deers on it.  So sweet!
Quilt Details:
Block size:  8" finished
No pattern name/source available.  Had the pattern, adjusted it to my taste and added the trees and then lost the pattern.  Oh well, that happens, eh!
Started:  April 2015
Top Finished:  January 2019
Quilt Finished:  September 2019
Quilt Size:  55-1/4" x 73-3/4" (before quilting, washing and drying:  58-1/2" x 74-3/4")
Quilt Batting:  Hobbs poly/cotton 80/20
Machine pieced by me.
Machine quilted by Kat's Quilts

This was a fun quilt to make.  It is amazing what one can make out of scraps from a lady who was moving to another city and wanted to have a purge of her quilting stuff.  With the help of her friends (Karin and Jeanne) they asked if I wanted some of her scraps.  YES!  Some of the fabric pieces in this quilt had to be sewn together to make the exact size strip/square needed.  To me, this is a humility or a very humble quilt.  Just make do with what you have and go from there and unless you look really close, no one will ever know.  Absolutely fun!

So, there you have it, my "Humble Xmas" quilt.

A few days after taking these photos outside, this is what it looks like now .... a Winter Wonderland.
 Oh look, a deer!
Have a great day!