Monday, June 18, 2018

Roses top

After I got back from my Grenada vacation, I actually was at a loss of what to do in my studio.  It seemed that my mojo was still in Grenada.  LOL

The centre of this top was done and three of the borders.  It was on my design wall and I kept looking and looking and looking at it.  My brain kept saying to me "it won't get done if you just keep looking at it".  That did it.  My mojo was back!  This project needed to get finished!  I needed to make one more strip block (because of an oopsie by me) and just get that LAST strip border on.  So, it got done.  Then the assembly started and finally, this top is now a flimsy.
My goal this month is to get this top quilted and hand it over to our QOV representative.  A lady veteran will be the recipient.

What started as a cast off from a guild lady, turned out to be a lovely top.  Amazing what we can accomplish when we set our mind and hands to it.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Back at it!

My blog has been quiet lately as I've been away on vacation in Grenada (lovely island).

Vacation on the beach didn't see much hand work done.  Only two snowflakes were made.  Only 22 more to make for my borders.  More on this later.
The highlight of my vacation was taking a night time excursion to see turtles laying eggs.  Due to the darkness and only red lights could be used, it is hard to see, but the centre of this photo shows eggs.  This Leatherback sea turtle was huge.  It's shell measured 4'9" in length and it's head was massive.  A magical experience.  Other photos were taken, but none of them turned out .... it was just too dark and we could not use a flash to take photos.  No problem as that experience will live with me forever.
Now that I'm home, my studio has seen a flurry of activity.  I'm back to working on this abandoned project that was donated to me.  The strip border blocks are almost done with just one more to make (I did an oopsie).  LOL  This is where I hit a snag.  The strip blocks should measure 5-1/2" square but the blocks that were already made measured 5-1/4" square. This is where creativity stepped in and my side seams on those blocks are 1/8" not the usual 1/4".  After all the blocks were sewn together, each border side strip had to be trimmed down as well.  Is this why the lady gave up on this project?
The other thing that is being done right now is the binding being sewn down on this quilt.  Do you notice anything odd with the border?  That dark blue stripe is not the same navy as in the rail fence blocks.  This quilt sat and sat and sat on a shelf waiting for me to find fabric that matched.  Cream coloured fabric could have been used, but it didn't do anything for the look.   Finally, I just decided to use any solid navy that I could find just to get this quilt done.  There was not enough of the striped fabric to use in the border, so this is how my quilt has gotten to this point.  It will never be in a quilt show, so ...... it is what it is.  I'm sure that my LAer was probably wondering why I did this because I'm so fussy with my tops.  Family descendants will be wondering about this too.  I will leave them guessing!  🐱🐱
Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May Garage Day

We had our last garage day on Saturday.  We don't meet during the summer months as everyone is here and there and everywhere during the summer.  Only four of us could get together, but what fun we had.

Once everyone arrived, the show and tell started.

Karin had two finishes this time.  We had been giving her a hard time in getting some finishes done.  The garage girls had been on my case and now it was Karin's turn.  She was just bidding her time because she knew she had two items at the LAer and didn't she show us up.  She spent the day binding.  Yay Karin!

 Darlene (in pink shirt) showed us her top that she is making for her Mom. 
Jeanne showed us her quilt that she is donating to the Children's Mental Health Unit at the hospital.  Jeanne will be 75 next week.  Happy Birthday, Jeanne!
Darlene's progress on her La Pasacalagia top (centre).  The lone block on the left is from a workshop that we took last week with Carla Alexiuk and the block is from Carla's pattern River Rocks.  I have a block too but haven't written about it yet.
I brought in my next quilt that will get binding on soon. 
Karin didn't see this top (she winters in Florida) when I showed it to the garage girls back in February, so brought it in to show her.
The garage girls got to see my progress on my EPP project.
For over a month now, this box has been sitting in my studio waiting for a garage day.  My friend, Mary (no blog Mary) in Toronto sent this parcel to me with instructions to open only on a garage day.  She even gave instructions to my husband not to open it.  She knows him too well!  LOL
So, what was inside?  Socks, compacts, glue, and nail files for all the garage girls.  What fun we had pulling everything out.  Thank you, Mary!
For lunch, we went to Ivan's Restaurant which is close by.  For those of you that watch Cardinal on T.V., this restaurant was used as a location in the series (but I can't remember what they renamed it).  After lunch it was back to the garage for more sewing.  What a day!

On a sad note, my dentist's office called saying that my dentist, Dr. Patel died suddenly.  He was in his early 50's.  What a shock.  A week ago, a tooth was giving me grief and I'm due to go back for a root canal.  He did give me a prescription for antibiotics as I'm off for a week's vacation in Grenada on Saturday.  Thank you Dr. Patel for doing that for me and it will tide me over until the new dentist can deal with my problelm.  Root canal I can deal with as there have been many in my lifetime .... but his life is now over.  So sad.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Still with my EPP

I'm not going to abandon this project.  It is on a roll and I must keep rolling with it.  On my last post, this is where it was then.  Just five more small medallions to make and circles to be added.
Days later, just two small medallions to make and then applique (they are just pinned onto the design wall) all eight of them in their correct spot.  Must not forget the circles.  Only twenty one circles ... only!  LOL
Then we have these snowflakes to be added.  Their position will be revealed later.  I still need to make a bunch more of these snowflakes which will feel like they will take forever to make.  But, they won't.  Just make one at a time.  One at a time and before I know it, they will be done.  The end is getting closer and closer on this project and I have loved every stitch. 
The days here are warming up but the nights are still cool.  I have been busy fixing clothes and things for my sister and niece.  All three of us are going on a trip to Grenada soon.  Clothes that fit well a few years ago .... well, some of them are not so comfy to wear.  Hmmm .... guess I put on a few pounds here and there.  Oh dear ..... 🐱🐱

Have a great stitching day!
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Monday, May 21, 2018

Scrap progress

Progress on this scrappy project is moving along quite nicely.  Six blocks are done on the center section.
Oh. what the heck .... might as well get the other blocks made and then the center will be done and ready for the striped border blocks.  That is exactly what I did.  🐱🐱   Now, those striped blocks are giving me a bit of grief trying to sew them together.  They will need to be worked on a bit, but I will figure out something and show a photo of before and after.
The other project on my design wall is my EPP Xmas take-a-long.  All the bottom pieces are now sewn together (a photo and a post about this project will be coming soon).  This project came with me to the cottage this weekend.  Since it was raining and cold, this was a welcome project to sew while sitting beside the wood stove.
The other job that needs to get done are these glass items to hang on our apple tree in our backyard.  How did these get started?  Ruth Kennedy came twice to our day guild.  Once for a trunk show and we were so impressed with her quilts that we invited her back the following year to do a workshop.  Each time Ruth came, she stayed with my husband and I and she brought the brown oval glass balls that you see on the right.  The glass hearts came from my sister each time she visited Mexico and the large green/yellow glass ball on the top was a Xmas gift from a nephew and his family.  I foresee more of these popping up every now and then since a collection has been started.  So lovely!
It is hard to see, but all these glass balls are hanging in our apple tree.  They shine ever so delightfully as they twirl in the sun.  There was even a hummingbird that had to come and investigate.  It didn't stay, but found the balls interesting, especially anything with red on them.  Our hill is slowly coming to life after a very long winter and spring.  So nice to see green once again.
Have a great stitching day!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Scrappy Bargello

Another finish ..... Scrappy Bargello (free pattern by Bonnie Hunter) in yellows and blues.  How I love this quilt!

How lovely it is to start seeing my shelf with all my tops dwindling.  A year ago, there were two shelves holding tops (with their backing fabric).  Now, I'm down to one shelf.  A huge improvement to say the least.  Bonus .... I'm using these quilts instead of just admiring them now and then.

Quilt details:
Scrappy Bargello (free pattern by Bonnie Hunter).  The layout is different.  It was fun to play around with the blocks until this look was achieved.

Started:  Sept. 3, 2013
Top finished:  Nov. 11, 2013
Quilt finished:  May 12, 2018

Quilt size:  63-1/2" x 88-1/4" (65-1/2" x 91" before quilting, washing and drying)
Batting:  80/20 poly/cotton

Back in 2013, I was on the program committee for my day guild and I needed to demo a block.  This was my choice.  So easy to do and a great way to use up scraps.  It didn't take too long to finish this top.  Instead of being an overall scrappy quilt, my fabrics were chosen carefully for a more controlled quilt.

Machine quilted by my friend Tella in Scarborough.  What a lovely job she did AGAIN!

There are still a few more quilts that need binding and my hands are itching to get another one started.  The road to our cottage is open now and a quilt on my lap in the mornings and evenings will be most welcome.

Have a great stitching day!

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Another treasure

From the hoard of scraps (all the bags and boxes sitting on top of wood planks) that I picked up this week from the guild member, another small box has been opened and the treasures inside are coming out to be revealed.
This project was in a bag.  No pattern.  Just blocks and fabric.  This is what I envision.  Upon looking at the layout .... I wonder what the original pattern was meant to be?

This I will finish and donate to charity.
There might be enough fabric to complete the blocks.  Some of the strips may need to be pieced for the longer strips needed.  The striped blocks that you see (below) cannot be used.  They don't match the other ones that are laid out on the design wall above.  But, they will be kept and added to my orphan blocks to make a sampler quilt one day.
This is just one small  reveal.  The other stuff in the box will be pulled out later.  I really have to remind myself to do this slowly.  It truly is overwhelming and I have to remind myself to be wise and pass on things however tempting they may be to keep. 

Have a great day!