Friday, December 8, 2017

Baskets to keep me warm!

Outside, a snow storm is raging but I got me some baskets to keep me warm!  LOL  Another quilt is finished!  Oh, this was a lovely quilt to work on and there are quite a few baskets that were all hand appliqued. 
Eventually, some blue quilted pillows will be made to co-ordinate with this quilt and other quilts that are of the same fabrics.  These will do for now.

A few years ago, these baskets were quite the rage (original design is by Blackbirds).  Except, I did my own thing.  I found this basket on EQ7 and did a different border layout to make it my own.

Silly thing is .... I'm not really fond of baskets, but how in the world did I end up making a basket quilt?  Go figure that one out!  I guess when you see something on blog after blog after blog, the brain gets a subliminal message to make one too!  So, I did!!  Anyway, I'm glad that I did and this quilt will be much enjoyed.

Block name:  On-Point Tote Basket (from EQ7)
Block size:  finished 6" square placed on point
Quilt size: 96" wide x 95-3/4" long (top size before quilting: 101" x 101")
Date started:  June 2010
Date top finished:  January 2011
Date finished:  December 7, 2017 (again, this top sat on a shelf for way too long)
Machine quilted (edge-to-edge by Tella in Toronto.  Again, you worked your magic to bring this quilt alive!

Have a great day!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Petal Vines

Well, here it is ..... DONE!  Doing the happy, happy dance.

The hanging was washed and blocked on a piece of sytrofoam to dry in front of the fireplace.
 Such a lovely wall hanging.
 This hanging will go so well with my other summer quilts.  Love, love, love it.
 I tried to get the look of the hand quilting on an angle.
 A closer shot of the hand quilting.
 A really close look of the hand quilting.
So, this hanging will be folded and tucked away for the spring/summer months that will be coming eventually.  Time to get the rest of the Xmas decor up to enjoy.

Wall Hanging details:
Hand quilted and hand appliqued.
Size: 47-1/4" x 54-1/4" (before quilting:  48" x 56")
Started:  May 2015
Top Finished:  June, 2017
Finished:  November 2017
Pattern Source:  inspired by a photo on this blog:  I didn't have a copy of the magazine, but doodled my own version.

Have a great day!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Almost done

Just another foot to go on hand quilting the border on this quilt and this part will be DONE!  The binding has been cut and ready to go .... and the sleeve to be sewn on ..... and the label ..... and washing and blocking .....
Pretty soon you will be able to see the whole quilt.  Yippee!

Have a great day!

Friday, November 24, 2017

.... and another quilt

Oh my goodness .... how happy am I these days?  Very HAPPY!  Another quilt is done.
This is my Red & White Patches and it joins my other red/white/neutral quilts that have already been done.

Slowly, our home is making its transition from autumn decor to Xmas decor and these quilts are wonderful to help bring in the holiday season.

Details of this quilt:
This quilt got started as a quilt-a-long and I had to dig back in my archives to find out who started this challenge.  It was Allyson from Fat Cat Quilts (she no longer blogs) and Nicole from Sisters Choice Quilts.  They finished their quilts way back when, but it took me longer to finally get mine quilted.
Quilt Batting:  80/20 cotton/poly
Quilt Size:  finished 87" x 89" (top size:  92" x 93")
Top Started:  November 2009
Top Finished:  January 2010
Quilt Finished:  November 2017 (it sat on the shelf for many sad)
Machine Quilted by Tella in Toronto.  Again, thank you Tella!

Is this the end of my red/white quilts?  Not a chance.  My stash has grown since this quilt was started and there will definitely be more to be added to this collection.

Have a great day!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hand Quilting

I'm hand quilting the borders of my Petals Galore wall hanging and am quite pleased with the way it is going.

I'm one of those persons who has to actually see the design drawn out and no amount of measuring the stencil will do it for me.  So, the design has been drawn on paper and pinned in place to see how it will look and see what adjustments need to be done to make the design fit.  Once the design fits, the marking began and hand quilting commenced.

The hand quilting looks ok but it doesn't match up to the close quilting in the center and it would be wonky looking hanging on the wall because of the loosely quilted borders. 
How about some circles?  Yep, those work perfectly and takes care of the extra fabric that is loose.  The circles also match up to the circles in the big leaves.  Perfect!
The overall look is good and I'm quite happy with it now.
My arms and hands are giving me some grief, so a few days off will help and then I can get at it again.

Have a great day!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Snow tumbling

Not me ..... the quilt!  I was very careful going up and down these stairs in our backyard to take this photo.  I've been waiting for snow to do this and finally this morning we woke up to a couple inches of snow on the ground.  Yep, love this photo!  You should have seen me in my pjs, housecoat and snow boots outside taking this photo earlier this morning.  If the neighbours saw me, what in the world were they thinking?!  LOL
Back inside, snow still clung onto my quilt and it had to go into the dryer for a few minutes to dry it up.  The snow was wet and very clingy.

Hanging on our dining room wall, you can get a better idea of what it looks like.  Love, love, love this quilt.  This was a Bonnie Hunter leader/ender project from 2015.  It started out as such, but then I loved working on it and kept at it until it was done.
Stripes in the border and again as binding.   In case you haven't noticed, I do have a thing for stripes in my quilts!
Bonnie Hunter Leader/Ender project - started July 8, 2015
Top finished - November 5, 2015
Top size - 86-1/2" x 90-3/4"
Finished quilt size - 84-3/4" x 88-1/2" (after quilting and washing)
Machine quilted by Tella in Toronto.  Again, thank you, my dear!

A dear friend (thank you Jeanne) loaned me her Dresden Plates template and that is what I used for cutting out my tumblers.   My fabric strips were cut 3-1/2" x WOF.  A lot of FQ's were used.  All of these fabrics came from my stash.   I have since bought a template because I can see myself making another one in scrappy fabrics and probably one in blues and one in Civil War and ......  That is how much I loved making this quilt.

So, that is one Xmasy quilt hanging up.  Slowly, the autumn decor will come down and Xmas decor will make their way around our home.  There is no hurry .... is is barely mid-November after all.

Have a great day! 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Center done

Well ..... I plugged away at hand quilting on this wall hanging and finally, the center is done.  Now all I have to do is mark up the borders and start the hand quilting on them.  To get this far feels very good.
It looks like winter has arrived.  We are getting snow today and the temperature is supposed to dip to -17C overnight.  Without the wind chill, so it will be colder than that.  Brrrr .....

Have a great day!