Sunday, June 23, 2019

Six months so far .....

For the past six months, I have been keeping tabs on my long list of tops and ufo's.  So how did I do?

At the beginning of January, this was my list of 22 tops.  I do better when an actual photo of each top is shown instead of just writing the top name on a sheet of paper.
As we are winding down to the end of June, here is where I'm at with my tops.  Six tops crossed off.  Finished quilts!  So, so lovely to see!
But look, here is a pile of five quilts that just need binding, sleeves and labels and then they can be crossed off one-by-one this summer.  They will be coming with me to the cottage to be worked on in the cool mornings.  So, I'm in a happy place with my tops to-be-quilted list.
Now, what about my ufo's?  Again, at the beginning of January, this photo was taken of my 35 ufo's (a few more were found during a studio clean-up and are not on this photo, sigh).  
So far this year ..... well, not so good.  Only two crossed off the list.  Five more projects need to be worked on and crossed off in the next six months.  So, I had better get cracking because this is part of my five-year plan.  Get seven ufo's crossed off each year .... at least!

I'm trying very hard not to start something new (except for two that are secret for now) .... we will see how that goes!  LOL  With all those ufo's, just picking one and working on it to completion will feel like starting something new.  Some of them are THAT old.  

Sometime this week, my sister and I are heading off to the cottage (while our hubbies stay home...yes, sob, sob!) and this quilt is coming with me.  The binding is on but needs hand sewing to finish it.  Sleeve and label will be made and those can be added while I'm at the cottage.
Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Busy, busy, busy

Not much quilting has been going on.  Summer weather has finally arrived up here. 

A bit of progress has been made on this project.  My sister is excited to finally ..... soon .... to have this quilt done up for her.   Right now, she has a store bought bedspread and she doesn't like it and is looking forward to this quilt. 
I'm having a hard time trying to capture a good photo of this quilt.  They all turn out like this.  Could it be this block with the embroidery?  I use my ipad for photos and maybe it is getting old and not taking good photos anymore.  Anyone else have the same issue?
What about all the stuff that you see in front of my design wall?  Things are happening here.
All of that stuff was in this cabinet that we bought back in April of this year.
That cabinet is in the process of being transformed.  Getting a coat of white paint.  The cabinet top and base are back to back (that is why it looks odd sitting like that).  My husband made a spray tent for me on our back patio and it is working a charm.  There are still door fronts to be sanded and painted and that will happen over the next few days.
Once this cabinet is done, two coats of Varethane will be applied on the inside.  Got to protect my quilts from any wood resin that may seep through the paint.  I will show an 'after' soon.  Oh, you should see me doing the happy dance!  LOL 

The cottage is calling to me and my quilting and sewing will slow down a lot and so will my blogging.

Have a great day!
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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Just a tad crazy!

I'm recently back from a trip to Costa Rica and just had to share what my sister, niece and I did.

But first, something quilty.

Sitting by the pool (Azura Resort, Samara), in the shade, a rum drink on hand and some EPP.   Got to have some hand work to do to keep me occupied and my hands limber.
Once back home, this is where this piece is at.  This project will be discussed more on a separate post.
Now, onto the crazy bit.  Do you see this?  Zip lining!  What the ..... My sister and I went with my niece on a day excursion so that she could zip line.  My sis and I had no intentions of doing anything like that.  So, how did it come to be?  We still don't know.  We were just going to do horse back riding, the water slide and the hot springs.  Zip lining was not on the cards at all.

We all did the zippy do da.  Eight runs in total.  For me, it was awesome and I would do it again.  On the last two runs, it started to rain and the wires were slippery and faster.  Here I am concentrating on braking on the last run.  What a day that was.  Something to cross of my bucket list, even though it was never on the list to do.  So, if a 68 yr. old lady can do it, you can too!
On our way back to the rendezvous place to switch buses, our bus broke down about 1/2 hr. away.  Our guide noticed there was a restaurant that we could easily walk to and wait there for our new bus.  So we walked with the temptation of a beer at the end of our walk.
A beer, some nachos and a view like this?  What more could we hope for?  We had just enough time to drink and eat and then our bus arrived.
On another excursion, we did a river boat trip.  We saw lots of birds, iguanas, a few monkeys and crocodiles.

Can you see this crocodile?  It is very well camouflaged.
 This one lunged at our boat.  We all screamed.  LOL
Back at our resort, we would see horses walking or galloping on the beach  They would be in packs or alone.  Just walking along making their way to a field beside our resort.  We did see a few on the road going to the town of Samara.

This time of year is the rainy season.  Where we were located, it would rain but late in the afternoon and on/off during the night.  The mornings were always sunny with some cloudy periods in the afternoon.  This photo is from our outside eating area and the rain was so intense that we couldn't see the beach.  It rained like this for about 15 mins. and then it cleared and so on.  After dinner, we would sit in the bar and watch the lightening and listen to the rain and enjoy our Bailey's.  A lovely way to wind down our day.
The sunsets were spectacular on the evenings when it was not raining.
That was my fun week in the sun.

Have a great day.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Lordie .... this is an oldie!

I'm going to be working on this old ufo once I'm home from my vacation.

Yesterday, my sister dropped off a top that she bought and needs adjustment to take on her trip with her youngest daughter and me.  She was coming over to drop off my plane tickets and pick up the other clothes that I altered.  She forgot to give me my tickets.  Silly woman!

Anyway on her way out my studio door, she saw this project on my design wall.  That's pretty, she said.

I told her it was going to be her quilt.  Remember, the one that was started ..... oh ..... 15 years ago?  It has been so long that she forgot all about it.  Wasn't that quilt for their 25th wedding anniversary, she asked?  Yep. 

This project was started Mar. 2004.  Over 15 years ago.  Time to get it done so that they can have it for their 40th wedding anniversary at the end of June.   Yes, I did notice one block that is pieced wrong and it has been taken out for fixing.  See if you can find it.
After getting the rest of the navy circles sewn onto the embroidery blocks, the blocks were all added to the design wall.  Now just the pieced blocks to cut out and complete.  Baby steps, baby steps!
A close-up of the embroidery and pieced block.  I'm so surprised that all the embroidery has been done.  That should have taken me forever to do and yet it is the pieced blocks (easy to do) dragged me down on this project.  Sadly, it got shelved for all these years ..... because ..... well, because I was on to more interesting work.  This is not a scrappy quilt and that is what I love to do more than anything else.

This hexie project will be my new summer take-along project.  Should it come with me on my trip to Costa Rica?  We may have some rainy days ahead and I might need more than a book to keep myself busy.  Showers are one thing, but a total rainy day ..... yes, this will keep me occupied.
This is what the whole layout will look like.  The diamonds will be made up as needed.  So, extra strips of the teal fabric will be coming along too.
This is what my roll looks like all tied up.
So, that is it for a couple of weeks.  Talk to you later.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Last bit to do ....

I'm trying to get this last section of embroidery done for this top and it is slowly getting there.
Here is a better look at that last section.
The photos don't do my work justice .... because it is absolutely beautiful in person.  Soon, my lovely, soon you will be done and then hand quilting can start.
Not much has been happening lately in my studio.  Too busy with other things.  It is nearly the end of May and cottage time will take me away from my studio.  Hand work will come with me and slowly over the summer months you will see what gets done during this time.

But .... there is always a but, isn't there?  In going through my scraps, if a large piece (6"+) is found, then 6" x 6" squares are cut out and made into these blocks.  I'm just making rows of blocks.  Maybe these rows will be in the same quilt and maybe not.  These will be made into donation quilts.  I'm just making them and putting them in a bin for later.  Pattern is called Winding Trails by Karen Griska.
Oh, and I'm also working on two secret projects which cannot be revealed until much later.  So, I guess I am working on more than first thought.  LOL

Next week, my sister, her youngest daughter and I will be off for a week in Costa Rica.  We have never been there and we are so looking forward to sun and hot temperatures.  It has been a very long winter and a wet spring.

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Down by the Lake

That is the name of this quilt.  The greens and blues at the cottage in spring/summer months.  The red is for the maple trees that turn a glorious red in the fall.  We opened our cottage for the season this past Sunday and I took this quilt out for photos, but it rained and that opportunity was lost.  So, next best is out back of our home.
This was my inspiration.  Blues and greens.  The colours at our cottage.
This quilt has had a lot of revamping from start to finish.  I wanted to design something special, but ended up with just alternating green and blue squares.  My mojo was lost for my original design idea.  In January 2013, I considered it a finished top.  I was so done with this project.
Then in May 2013, I started to tinker with the look.  What about adding some of my favourite stars and some circles?  Yes, I think so.  It took the look from BORING to happy.  As an aid to ensure that stars were appliqued on the right spot (see all the pink squares) and the circles (all the green squares), pieces of paper were cut and then pinned with safety pins in their correct spots.   
There, what a difference that touch of red added.  Just one month and all the applique was added.  Then, it sat on the shelf waiting for it's turn to be turned into a quilt.  For six years!
That red fabric would be perfect for the binding, but where was it?  A search through my UFO bins and it was found!  Eureka!  Now, this quilt is done and we can enjoy it.  Happy days!

Quilt Details:
Started:  June 2008
Top finished:  January 2013 and then finally in May 2013 (for good .... LOL)
Quilt finished:  May 2019
Block size:  4" x 4" squares finished
Quilt Size:  70-1/2" x 86" (before quilting, washing and drying:  72-3/4" x 89")
Batting:  Hobbs 80/20 cotton poly
Machine quilted by:  Kat's Quilts

Have a great day!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Oh, just another EPP quilt finished!

LOL ..... this quilt has been sitting on a shelf for almost 2 yrs. since the top was finished.  Just lately, a bunch of my tops have been sent out to a LAer and she is getting them done for me and I am enjoying my quilts so much more than just a top.
A close-up of the half hexagons (HH) that are made into triangles.  The size of the HH are 3-1/2" at the widest point and 1-1/2" high.  All hand pieced using the English Paper Piecing method.  To make one triangle, you need a light, medium and dark half hexagon.  Once the triangles are made, just rotate them around so that no light HH is against another HH and so on.
To memorialise my precious cats that are no longer with us, I found two cat prints in a stash from someone and I wrote their names on the HH.  This is for Miss Ashes.
 This one is for Miss Hank.  Oh my, how I miss those two girls .....
Where did the pattern come from for this quilt?  I saw a photo in Fons & Porter (March/April 2006) magazine and knew one day that a quilt would be started.  It kept drawing me back to it time and time again.  It won!
Quilt Details:
Started:  Nov. 2015
Top finished:  Aug. 2017
Quilt finished:  May 2019
Quilt size:  62" x 81" (top size:  65" x 85-1/2" before quilting, washing and drying)
Batting:  Hobbs cotton/poly 80/20
Half Hexagon size:  3-1/2" x 1-1/2"
Machine quilted by:  Kat's Quilts

We had a garage day this past Saturday.  Again, we were drooling over projects that were shown.

Here is me showing off my great-niece's quilt.
 Darlene showed her Double Wedding Ring quilt. 
Karin put up her wool applique blocks for us to browse over and switch around to give a balanced look.  She was wondering what sashing colour to use.  We all said black.
 Here is a close-up of some of her blocks.  They are gorgeous.
Karin also showed us another top that she is working on and was wondering what border colour to use.  I suggested a lime greenish colour and told her to go over and put her arm up on the border area.  She had the perfect lime green blouse that was the perfect colour.  The other ladies
 thought yellow/gold would be better. 
So that was our day in the garage.

Have a great stitching day!

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