Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Elf busy

Nothing exciting in my corner of the world.  I've just been busy working like an elf.

A lot of appliqueing has been going on.
Some hand quilting, too, when I need to wind down at night.
I did make a Christmas stocking and two pillowcases (only one shown here as the other one has been gifted).
A sheep got prepped for machine applique.
So nice and fuzzy.
Here is a photo of the back.  A piece of knit interfacing was sewn around the edges before the piece was turned inside out and then the interfacing was cut away to leave a bit to stablize the sheep for sewing.  Talk about fuzz .... ugggh.  It was everywhere until I learned to put my sheep in a bag and just pull at the edges and grabbing any extra fuzz that wanted to fly away.
Winter in our neck of the woods is here to stay.  Very cold weather is expected by the end of this week.  A good time to just stay indoors and sew!
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Have a great day!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

What was she looking at?

On Monday, this week, I had family over for dinner.  This is the quilt that is hanging in our dining room right now.  I always have considered this our Xmas quilt and it gets hung up end of November.

As we were tidying up the table, my niece picked up her 14 month old daughter and when the baby looked at the quilt, she let out a big OHHHHHHH.  This photo would have been at her eye level.  What did she see that made her remark so?   My little niece doesn't say much, but this caught us by surprise.  My sister, niece and I started to chuckle.  Yep, another family member is hooked onto my quilts.
You have seen all my ribbons that I have acquired throughout the years.  Some people think I'm famous (I have to giggle at that) and some people think I'm really good at what I make.  Thank you for those thoughts.  The best reaction I have ever received was from my little grand niece.  If she was that impressed at her young age, well, I guess you are all right.

So, as I go about making this quilt (of course, I'm doing my own thing) for her ...
and as I add piece
after piece
after piece
and some more, what will her reaction be when she opens her gift?  Time will tell.  I'm anxious to find out.
Questions have been asked about my studio.  It is functioning but still in a transition stage.  In other words, it is a mess, but I can finally do some sewing.

The photos below are at different stages.  I so love bead board and I finally got some in my studio.
 Shelves ready to store my bins.
 They are loaded.
Curtains help to hide the mess.  A bit more of sorting still needs to be done before I can call this section complete.
My sewing table has been changed around.
Against the window wall, there is 10 feet of cutting space.  My big ironing board is on one of the tables and it is so nice to use the full length of the board.  Just this change has made a huge difference in my life.  Things have gotten easier.  How do you like my window curtain?  A big piece of styrofoam does the trick for now.  The window frame needs to be painted and then I can add curtains.
 This wall is complete
My design wall is back in place and being used.
 There is one more wall to paint (the wall on the right) and once that is done, then I can finish sorting.  I'm so happy with my paint colour.  It adds such charm to the room.
My stash has been used this past year and two bins were emptied into a third bin.  That was thrilling to see.  Two bins emptied.  Hallelujah!
Wait, Aunt Rosie don't get so thrilled just yet.  Holy scraps .... Houston we have a problem!   I'm awash with scraps ...

I can see a lot of sorting coming soon .... LOL .... oh well!

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Have a great day, eh!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Decorating with quilts

Since I'm still unsettled with regards to not having my studio back in place, why not do a post about decorating with quilts.  This time, I'll show my bedroom.

My niece made a comment that since my bed frame and night tables are now grey, my quilts seem to suit the new colour.  Oh thank you, niece and spray paint!
The cream bedspread was purchased at Walmart.  I wanted a whole cloth quilt and even though I have a kit to hand quilt a whole cloth quilt, this was instant gratification and I'm thrilled with the look for now.  My Secret Garden at the foot of the bed finishes the look.
See my drapes!  I scored a great deal at Fabricland here in North Bay.  Those drapes were $2.00/metre and after buying 6 metres and sewing them up, viola!
These are the quilts on my quilt rack these days.  There is room for one more and once a few more quilts get finished, there will be a struggle to find places to store my quilts.  Yep, I'm running out of room in this huge house to store my quilts.  I may have to get hubby to make me another rack.
Down in my studio, the insulation is done and drywall and then bead board has been added to the walls.  Today, my job will be to do some caulking in preparation for painting tomorrow.  Oh, hallelujah!
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Have a great day!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Where did my studio go?

I'll get to my post title in a moment, but first, the glorious days of autumn are gone for this year.
A bit of snow came and went.
Miss Ashes the Cat has found a nice warm spot in front of the fireplace.
I finally got borders sewn onto my barn top and some hand quilting has been started.
I say 'some' because Miss Ashes the Cat has decided
that my quilting hoop is the perfect spot for a snooze.
So 'where did my studio go?'.  Well, it is here in the dining room ....
and in the living room .....
and underneath the stairs .....
and in the downstairs bathroom .....
and in the garage ......
and a mess all over the place in my studio.
Why, oh why, oh why?

My studio is getting insulation.  It has always been cold down there, but after pulling off the drywall, there wasn't much insulation and gaps were blowing in cold air.  No wonder I have always been cold.  Now, what you see is just the first round of insulation.  There will be an additional 5-1/2" to come.  The crew that is doing the work told me that I could join them and sew while they work.  LOL  Ummm .... I don't think so.  Another week and I should be able to start painting.  Oh joy!  It truly is amazing, but just this bit of insulation is keeping me warmer than before even with the heat on.  Right now, all I have is a small portable heater and I'm warm.  I can hardly wait for the rest to be installed.
So, for now, everything has been covered in preparation for the nasty work this coming week.
I will leave you with eye candy from the last quilting day in the garage.
Have a great day!