Friday, March 30, 2007

Denim Jacket

Here is another jacket which I love to wear. It’s plenty warm for spring and fall and I can easily wear it when the temperature drops to 0C with just a light sweater underneath. Recent purchase is the shawl and my purse that I got for Christmas.

The denim material was from my stash as well as the lining. Both had been hanging around forever and I finally decided to do something with them. Am glad that I did! :o) This jacket was machine quilted … nothing fancy but it works well with this material.

Why is it that I wear this colour in my clothing but it is out of my comfort zone for quilts? Why do I even buy it? This colour makes its way into my scrappy quilts but they are never the main colour. Perhaps I should make this a challenge to use most of these fabrics (it's a small basket, not a tote) for another jacket and thus help to reduce my stash. Any scraps will be tossed into my bins for scrappy quilts. Ummmm … yes, that will be a good idea!

Perhaps, also, this will be an opportunity for me to do a bit more fancy machine quilting. A few weeks back, I purchased a foot to do free form quilting. This will be a good time to try something different. Yes, that will be my challenge. It’s time to step out-of-the-box.

Have a nice day!


atet said...

I know what you mean about stepping out of the comfort zone with a particular color. Watch out though, you may find yourself suddenly using that color over, and over, and over again :o).

Anonymous said...

Another lovely jacket. I think you need to give us pattern numbers Rose Marie, so we know what styles work, hint, hint....
I know what you mean about leaning towards certain colours, I do that all the time, geen is a colour I usually stray away from, not that you'd know from that green monster that was just completed.
Now do tell us about this foot that you got. What makes it different from any of the others?
Glad to see I'm not the only one who is a blog stalker....

Paula, the quilter said... is my favorite color. I both wear it and use it in quilts. The only color I don't seem to use a lot of in my quilts is brown. And I have recently been purchasing browns and taupes to remedy that matter.

Fabricfaire said...

Hi Rosemarie, thanks for stopping by "my place"! I want to return your generous compliments! You are indeed a talented lady! I am drooling! I would love to have your Cardinals visit us! We do have Orios (sp) nest here yearly they are spectacular also! I will keep tabs on you!