Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Cardinals and New Project

It’s been cold here for the last couple of days. These cardinals have been coming and sitting here around supper time to soak up the last rays of the sun and feed on the cedar seeds. They sure are fluffed up against the cold! It’s not too often we can get a photo of the female and male together. Today, we were lucky!

I’ve revisited my new project and have decided to do a bit of embroidery instead of appliqué. Those white empty spaces were just calling me back to do something. Don’t you just hate it when the quilt talks back to you? :o) I think it’s OK, but am not sure yet! Maybe once the top is finished then I’ll like it. LOL

Guess my lighting is not the best. The colours are rust, navy blue with a light yellow.

A big “thank you” to all who have visited my new blog and left lovely comments. It was nice to hear from quilters who also used scissors and templates to make their quilts. We're not alone! :o)

Have a great day, eh!


Angie said...

Those cardinals are lovely! :) I love watching the birds, and keep trying to attract some different varieties. :D I LOVE that quilt with the embroidery in the alternate block...IMHO the embroidery really makes the quilt. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rose Marie !

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog ! I just visited yours, and I'm in awe, seeing all these beauties . You really are doing a wonderful job ! I've put your name on my "favorite" list, and will come back often, with great pleasure!

Smiles !

PS : you just had the right inspiration to add some embroidery to your new top : it's gonna be gorgeous !

Diana said...

One of the first signs of spring around here is when the male cardinal returns and starts his morning song. We love listening to him.

I think the embroidery is going to be beautiful on your quilt.

Helen said...

I love those cardinals. Wish we had them here in New Zealand. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like the way you had the quilts displayed in the basket. Very chic!