Sunday, March 4, 2007

Red and green sampler

This is another quilt that was sitting in the basket on a previous post.

Back in 2002, our local quilting store was having a special class where each participant would pay $8.00 at the beginning of the year. We would go to the store for the class each month. The main criteria for the class was to pay the initial $8.00, pick up the store’s kit for the month, attend the class, go home and complete the block and bring it back to the class the following month and if the block was complete pick up another kit without paying anything else. If you did not complete the block, then you had to pay another $8.00. The class lasted for the entire year.

A lot was learned from the classes and we were introduced to some pretty nifty notions.

The drawback for this class was no choice of fabric colour. Also, there wasn’t enough fabric in the kits to pre-wash. This resulted in a discharge of dye at the end. I washed my blocks before assembling and was so glad that I did. Phew! Somehow, I just had a gut feeling about one of the colours.

I ended up redoing some of the blocks and substituting my own colours. Originally, I started with 12 blocks but only had enough block background material to do up 9 blocks. Wouldn’t you know it, after this quilt was completed; I found more of the background material at another store! Darn, what were the odds of that happening! LOL

Back then, everything had to be matchy-matchy for me. Now, I would just substitute different background fabrics and end up with a great scrappy quilt. I've changed in 5 years ... have you?

This quilt was hand-quilted.

Have a great day!

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Diana said...

I am beginning to give up on having everything match, although I don't have a lot of confidence in my color sense. Most of it is trial and error.

The red and green quilt is beautiful! I love that color combination. How lucky you had a "feeling" and thought to wash before you had a disaster on your hands. It turned out beautifully!