Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How about a summer trip?

How about many summer trips?

My many trips around the world is done!  Bound and labelled.  Done!

Miss Ashes just had to help and give her seal of cat approval.  Gosh, how hard it is to bind and shuffle a quilt on my lap with a cat on top.  She would not budge, so shuffle I had to do.
 This will be perfect for autumn nights to snuggle under.
 This photo shows truer colours.
 DH couldn't wait to get it hung up on the wall in the foyer.
My world is happy!

Quilt facts:

Quilt size: 96-1/2" x 96-1/2" (top size: 100" x 100")
Quilt source:  drew this using EQ7 computer software program
Machine quilted by Ruth.

Have a great day!


Vicki W said...

It's lovely!

Jennifer said...

That has finished up beautifully.....and been approved by Miss Ashes too, well done!

eloidastitches said...

Nice finish! Love the nice warm colours with the perfect stripped border. Love seeing Miss Ashes too.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

A wonderful finish--the colors are beautiful!!

Prairie Patchwork Quilts said...

A wonderful quilt perfect for Fall with it lovely colors.

Karen said...

Love your bed with the quilt on it!

phann son said...

love your red and white quilt wow so many quilts in the bags thats exciting.