Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Half hexie crazy

Another oldie.  I've been working on this project since Nov. 2015; but I don't think this has been talked about on my blog.  You have seen snippets of it here and there beside photos of other projects that hogged the limelight.

So, now is your time to shine!

This project came from an article by Bettina Havig in Fons & Porter's March/April 2006 magazine.  The article was all about charms and showed photos of different quilts.  Bettina made a quilt for her sister using half hexagons.  I looked at the photo and decided that I could do it too.  Mine will have a twist (so, what is new there?).  Of course, it will.

So, I plugged away at it for a year and a half.  Dipping into my scrap bin and basting and basting and more basting.  My scrap bin took another dip.  Happy days for sure!

This photo was taken with the last 30 half hexagons to do.  Lordy, but these seemed to take forever!
Still, I plugged away at it until finally all the pieces were pinned in place.  Then, the fun part begins.  Sewing them all together.  Well, maybe not so fun after all.  That is a lot of sewing to do.  Oh well, just DO IT!
The pieces are sewn into triangles first then the triangles sewn together and sew on.
Making progress.
 Do you like my little bucket for keeping pins handy for pinning my half hexies onto my design wall?  Cute, eh.
This will be another perfect cottage project to take along and sew while I'm sitting in our screened-in porch.  Yep, perfect.

Add another hand piecing EPP project to my list that I have now worked on.  One day, I should take a group photo of all my EPP quilts and tops.  There are so many now.  Who ever knew that I would be doing EPP.  Definitely not me.  Surprise!

Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

You have a lot of EPP projects, that's for sure! This will be amazing when it's done.

quiltcat said...

das wird ja wieder ein ganz tolles scrapprojekt! viel spass beim weiterpuzzeln!
lg elfriede

phann son said...

I absolutely love your tray idea. Just one question, what do you use the cutting board for? I do a lot of applique and hand piecing and I have never used a cutting board.


Debra Anger said...

I have a question what is the little bucket for on the side.