Monday, July 17, 2017

Hexie again

This has been my cottage summer project.  Progress is slow, but there is progress.  Six rows done.  Wooo hooo!

The twist is leaves and circles in the valley area on the edges.  Just on the sides.   Something different.
Can you see the empty area about half way down?  You can really see the hexagons now.  When I look at this, I see a whole new quilt down the road!  I do love playing the 'what if' game.
Speaking of 'what if', garage girl friend Darlene and I will be making another Sue Daley quilt and she was showing me what she had done so far.  Well, I started playing with her pieces and the next thing, we have a whole different pattern now.  Got her so twisted around, her head was spinning.  More on this later.  Yep, the 'what if' game came out and we played (with a lot of help from me)!

This is the new Sue Daley project involving these templates.  I like working with templates and Darlene likes working with the heavier cut out paper templates and glue stick.  She has made progress with her project and I don't dare start mine yet.  Need to finish my half hexie project first!
Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

Leaves and circles will finish off the sides beautifully! Now I am curious.....

Misty said...

That border is going to be fantastic!

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Love that work tray you devised...very clever and the idea of a gift for the Vicars project...which I've never heard of. But your hexes, while a lobour maybe not of love, are going to make a magnificent quilt.

eloidastitches said...

Yes, I can definitely see some other possibilities with those blank spaces! This quilt top is really coming along. Love the addition of your appliques along the edges.

phann son said...

keep after it, you're doing great! by the way, i love that inner green border on the top quilt. just a little different than what one usually sees, and it makes an elegant frame for the patchwork inside.