Sunday, July 9, 2017

Just a tray?

You know how much I love to applique.  That is without question.  The problem for me was how the table beside where I sit was always a mess.  Still is, but not as bad. Noooo, no photos.  You will have to use your imagination.  LOL

So, enter this tray.  Picked it up at a thrift store.  Cheap.  Looks worn in places.  That is fine with me.  I need something that is sturdy.  I have a plan for this tray to make my life easier.
A trip to the dollar store to pick up some plastic baskets for cutlery.  Perfect for organising my scissors, thread, marking pens, etc.
A box with cover fits into the leftover space.
That box holds my pincushions with needles and pin.  I wanted a covered box so that my needles don't get attached to my project by mistake and gets lost in the shuffle.  Also, the box lid acts as a garbage collector when I'm out and forgot to take a garbage bag with me for my discarded threads, etc.
In the left over space, a perfect area for holding miscellaneous items.
A used cutting board that has been well scrubbed.  Four screws (screwed in just enough to not move) on the backside .
Can you see how much of the screw is still sticking up?

My cutting board fits perfectly and doesn't move around now because those four screws hold it in place.  The cutting board is handy for drawing circles or for pinning my applique pieces in place and a place to rest my block that I'm working on.
The cover removed from the box with needles and pins and I'm ready to applique.  Everything is handy and in their place.   The cover will actually fit under the cutting board area so that it is out of the way and it won't get lost in my mess that surrounds me.  So, no more looking for my stuff on the messy table.  You have no idea how much I love this tray!
When I go to the garage, a plastic cover (the kind that bed linen comes in) keeps everything from moving around and I'm ready to go.
So, the next time you see a tray, you will think twice about it.

Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

That's a nifty idea......a sewing work station!

Vivian said...

Necessity is the mother of invention! Great organization hack and a great job repurposing that tray and cutting board. Happy Stitching!!

Julierose said...

What a super idea--I have a ga-zillion little tins and pouches with various items in them to tote around..I love this tray idea--hugs, Julierose

sandi s said...

I love your idea!! I'll be on the lookout. Thanks for sharing. Hugs,

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

this is the ones I made, sadly can't do applique anymore, but I sure enjoy the quilts I've appliqued over the years!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Your set ❤️❤️

Patti Kilcullen said...

I absolutely love your tray idea. Just one question, what do you use the cutting board for? I do a lot of applique and hand piecing and I have never used a cutting board.

Christine said...

Brilliant! Thank you for sharing pics of this great idea!

Eileen said...

I am going to find me a tray!!

phann son said...

You have a lot of EPP projects, that's for sure! This will be amazing when it's done.