Wednesday, September 26, 2012

3 weeks work

Now that I'm back home after babysitting in Toronto, I can sit back and relax and concentrate on getting some chores done around our home.  After unpacking, I was able to take stock of all the work that got accomplished and I'm very happy with my progress on these UFO's.

This is an overall view ... pretty impressive to say the least!  :o)

This is my hexagon hanging.  Still don't know what to do in the white areas.  Something will come to mind, but at least I can work on it now.  All the hexagon flowers and hexagon border are all leftovers.  What a perfect way to use them up!
My octagon project is coming along nicely.  Once I get the last two rows on the left sewn together, the half-way mark has been reached. 
These 4 blocks are from my Grand-daughter's Garden project.  There are a number of these blocks sewn together now and I do think it is time to put this back up on the design wall for layout and start sewing them together.  I'm not sure if the half-way mark has been reached for this project yet, but we'll see soon.
My last 5 blocks are from my Got Dots project.  It is time now to sew them altogether and get borders on. 
Oh yes, I'm very pleased with my progress.  I was asked how so much hand work gets done.  In the evening, after supper is my 'me' time and these projects get worked on while watching TV.  It is a big help when all hand work is prepped ahead of time so all that needs to be done is hand sewing in the evenings.

Miss Ashes has been my shadow since coming home.  When I sit at my laptop, she has to lay on the arm of my chair and have her paw on my hand as I'm using the mouse.  Is she afraid that I will leave again? 
Hmmmm .... do you think she has forgiven me for leaving her for 3 weeks?  She looks quite mean here, but she is such a loveable, gentle cat.
Have a great day!


Karen said...

The octagon quilt interests me. Was it easy to sew?

Gail said...

Granddaughter's garden looks like a great block. I'm looking forward to the finished project. I think Miss Ashes did miss you. She looks like a big cozy furball, so cute.

Raewyn said...

You have plenty of lovely projects to keep you busy! Our pets do that too - particularly the little dog who pats and paws me for attention when I've been away!

Jennifer said...

Obviously Miss Ashes missed you and is glad you are home! You accomplished quite a bit while you were away.

Debra Anger said...

I can vouch for miss spoiled, smart Ashes, she also trains humans!!
Yes see how much you get done down here! that means you have to come back to get more done..LOL
You sound happy to be back, I am sure DH is happy too. Fall is definitely in the air!
We had a flock, yes a flock of blue jays tonight feasting at the feeder! Migration is the first sign
Do I hear snowflakes falling???

Cathi said...

Miss Ashes is making sure you're not out of her reach.
I love your octagon quilt and the dots are fabulous!

Julie Fukuda said...

My brain is appliqueing stems and leaves to those hexie flowers, all twining this way and that.
When Paul comes back after a day out, Nikko grabs a toy and dances round and round. When I return, she doesn't even pick up her head to look in my direction.

Grit said...

Wow, beautiful projects.
Liebe Grüße Grit

hetty said...

Wow! You sure got a lot done! Miss Ashes is making sure you don't go anywhere soon. My cats to do same thing. Isn't it nice to have been missed?

Guðrún said...

You have been busy sewing as always.