Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Silly friends

I'm currently in Toronto on a 3-week babysitting stint and recently met up with my two pals of We 3 Quilters group. 

In the afternoon of our first get-together, my grand-nephews wanted to have a play date and invited one of their school friends over (it is amazing how young'uns are so good at organizing play dates) and I was totally amazed to see them jumping for joy and talking a mile-a-minute once I agreed.  In retrospect, I had to laugh because that was going to be me and my friends once we got together for the first time since I moved away from Toronto.

Anyway, we met and had a lot of laughs and of course, they are so silly at times.  My friends do have faces, by the way.

All and I mean all of the blocks that you see above came from the drawer below.  Debra kept pulling and pulling and pulling and ..... blocks from this drawer.  She has enough blocks to make at least 3 queen size sampler quilts and perhaps more!  All I know is, my jaw dropped after she was done pulling the blocks out.  That was simply amazing to see.  Gosh, did we ever laugh!
This pile of blocks measured at least 12" high and there was more on the floor.   A lot of these blocks came from swaps.
Yipee .... Debra gifted me a UFO and a Sun Bonnet Sue block ..... I was never fond of the fan block, but am now after seeing what Tim did with his blocks.  So, I will be doing something with these blocks but will just drool over them for a bit.
Then, Mary invited Debra and I over for dinner this past Sunday.  Her DH Sam cooked us a gorgeous, yummy meal .... thank you, Sam! 

Anyway, while we were waiting for dinner Mary brought out her bin of blocks.  Mary was inspired by Debra's reveal and she wondered how many blocks she had stashed away.  Both Debra and Mary were in numerous swaps and there is quite a collection of swap blocks for both of them to work with.  So, this is Mary's bin.  That is a lot of blocks!
See, my friends do have faces!  That is Debra on the left and Mary on the right.  We had great fun going through all these blocks.  Mary figures that she has enough blocks to make at least 2 sampler quilts.
I will have a few more get-togethers with my friends before heading back home.

Have a great day!


Julie Fukuda said...

Swaps always sound like fun but I have never joined one because of the thought of ending up with a pile of blocks that I wouldn't know what to do with.
So glad you are having fun play dates.

Tim Latimer said...

I just love that sun bonnet sue with the fans surronding ....what fun!

Jennifer said...

Play dates are fun! I have heard of The Great Wall Of Fabric but not The Great Wall Of Finished Blocks.....I would reckon those two have it sewn up between them.

hetty said...

Aren't play dates fun? Sounds like you guys had a great (silly) time!

Betweens said...

I didn`t realize how many blocks I had myself! till we dug in that drawer. Lots were sample blocks I made before I made a quilt or just one block to small from a quilt.
It has been fun and soon we will be together again

Guðrún said...

So what will you do with the blocks :)