Monday, October 8, 2007

Rest of my Stash

These two shelves house the rest of my stash.

Since I do a lot of scrappy and appliqué, I don’t have a lot of yardage pieces; except for backing fabric. Most of my stash is based around FQs.

On the top shelves are my bins for cut squares and strips. These are a great idea for just pulling out a bin and pulling squares for whatever size I need.

So there, now you know what makes the world go around for me. I just won’t show you all the bins for my knitting and beading and painting, etc. That is s whole other story and could be a new blog in itself! :o)

This past week, well, I got mail. Corry at sent me some moo cards (little ones) and what a sweet moo card she made up to go along with them. Corry posted about these cards and I and a few others had never heard of them. I was curious, so Corry sent me these. They are like little business cards and she has her blog address printed on the back of them.

Then my niece and her husband sent me a thank you card for helping out with the wedding and for their quilt. It’s quite a neat card and even shows embossed quilting on it. Would this not make a great wall hanging?

Have a great day!


Gina said...

My friend sent me one of those embossed quilt cards. they are fabulous aren't they. i haven't seen them before over here in the UK
love and hugs xxx

Ila K. said...

Gosh, I wish you hadn't shown those stinkin cute Moo cards. I had to google them, and then I had to order some. YOUR FAULT!! lol.

And your tidy shelves... come on over and fix mine!

loulee said...

You're right, the quilt card is cute. I dare you, no I double dare you to show us the woll stash! LOL

Quilts And Pieces said...

Very cute cards!

Lynda said...

The card is lovely, and I can see it as a wall-hanging - just not made by me! The Lone Star in the middle would be very challenging!