Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Show them off

A couple of weekends ago, DH and I met my SIL and her friend at a quilt show in South River, Ontario.  This was our first day outing since we moved north.  We didn't know what to expect and were pleasantly surprised with the venue.  The quilt show was in a barn.  How cool was that!  A huge smile was plastered on my face as soon as we stepped out of the car.  This was going to be a great show!  :o)
This flower garden greeted visitors outside the barn entrance. 
After seeing the barn block, I zoomed in on the hexagon quilt that was draped on the Muskoka chair.

Once inside the building .... oh, be still my beating heart ..... I was a drooling fool when I saw these scrappy quilts!

Here is a beautiful sampler:

A lovely 2-colour Monkey Wrench:

I tried to win the raffle quilt, but luck wasn't with me that day.

There are more photos from the show, but the above quilts were the ones that caught my eye.  It was a wonderful day in the country.  Thank you Almaguin Quilters Guild for putting on a fantastic show.

Have a great day!


Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Wow, its like you found the door to heaven. Love Love Love the tradtional quilts and these are just wonderful. Thanks so much for aharing.

Dolores said...

And most of them were probably hand quilted too, eh?

Jennifer said...

What a fabulous venue! I don't blame you for wanting to win the raffle quilt, it's a beauty.

Nadine said...

THANKS for showing, dear !
My heart beats for that wonderful log-cabin + appliqué quilt , wouldn't you know the name of the pattern, by any chance ?


Quilter Kathy said...

What an amazing setting for a quilt show!

LuAnn said...

That log cabin is breathtaking...I can't stop looking. And the one with the log cabins and applique' is so unique. Great scrap quilts.

Betweens said...

wow all this eye candy this is just awesome. your room looks fabulous and nothing like a quilt show to get your creativity in high gear.
I am counting the minutes when we get to see each other girl!!
Love all the quilts on display in your home it is just so inviting