Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Prepping hand work

My life is a tad topsy turvy right now.  After my aunt passed away last month, my elderly cousin needs assistance and a week ago, he ended up in hospital.  It is so hard when we are a five hour drive away from him.

So, whenever he is able to leave the hospital, I will be heading back either to look after him for a few weeks or help pack up his apartment in the event that he is to be moved into a nursing home instead.  Uncertain times ahead for all of us.

Whatever happens, I need to be prepared to spend time away from home.  That means .... hand work!

This is on my design wall right now.  See those apple cores on the right?  That is my hand work project.
These apple cores were gifted to me and I need to make a few more to fill in the empty spaces.  There are enough pieces to make a nice wall hanging to go along with my other two apple core quilts.
On the left side of my design wall is a new project to use up large pieces of scrap fabrics.  The pattern is called "Winding Ways" and I will have to look for the pattern to get the designer.  More about this later.
I did finish this last section of my hexagon project.  The centre applique sections can be designed now and prepped for another hand work project to take with me later.
Regardless, there is one hand work project to take with me to last a week or two.  I'm prepared.

Cherish your day!


Jennifer said...

Not good news about your cousin, but at least he knows that you are supporting him. Yes - hand work is the way to keep the fingers occupied, for sure.

eloidastitches said...

So sorry for the loss of your aunt, and for the tough days that your cousin is going through. I am glad that you can support him as best that you can. Nice that you have a couple of hand projects to help fill in the in-between time. The beautiful colours can help lift your spirits, and hopefully his as well.

Kyle said...

You'll be prepared now. It's so nice that you can help out in such a supportive way.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Oh what a good cousin you are! Lovely handwork you will have ready. Love your projects.