Tuesday, February 11, 2020

First ufo of the year done!

Well .... I did it.  It only took 15 years to bring this ufo to a flimsy stage!  Exciting, isn't it!  LOL

But .... I did have an issue.  Like the section on the left.  All those pieces were neatly sewn together.  Except, it was one row too short at the bottom!  Lordy, how did that happen?  Back into my 2-1/2" square bin to find four more pieces.

Outer borders were getting added.  Hmmm .... what about doing some patches in the four cornerstones?
Yes, I do like that a lot.  Finally ... done!  Fifteen years later and done within a number of weeks.   I'm not sure I really like this top, but done is a good thing.   This top finishes at 60" x 80-1/2".   There are still a lot of those bigger HST's.  Something will be done with them.  Maybe show up in a border?  Who knows.
So, cross off one ufo off that list!  Many, many more to go.
What will be worked on next?  This project.
This is the last section to go.  All the remaining rows are in zip lock bags ready to take with me or work on in the evenings.  Once this section is done, then I can start playing with the applique in the cross center sections. 
Cherish your day!


julieQ said...

Awesome! Lovely scrappy quilt...way to go on your goals!!

QuiltGram said...

The blue washing and border adds to the quilt. And I’m betting that quilting will enhance this quilt also. Overall, this is a win/win quilt. Congratulations and so happy you finished it as wherever it ends up, I’m sure it will be appreciated and loved.

Jennifer said...

Well done on a finished top! It will certainly keep someone warm.

Jenny said...

What's 15 years in quiltmaking? Good things take time.

Kyle said...

Congratulations on this long awaited finish. I like what you're working on next!

Xiaonai said...

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