Tuesday, February 4, 2020

New month

January went by in a blur.  Heck, November, December and January did too.  Travelling back and forth to visit with my sick aunt occupied most of my time.

Sadly, my aunt passed away a week ago.  She got her wish to be moved to a hospice and that is where she ended her life.  She was the last member on my Mom's side and a generation has now ended.  Rest in peace, Aunt Bette, rest in peace.

Due to my staying on for a few extra days to sort and pack up her belongings, I did bring some handwork with me to work on.

A new project got started ...... this one I couldn't resist.  Cassandra's Circle from Civil War Quilts.  It is a free BOM project.  Some of the leaves for the borders were cut out and prepped for sewing.  Many more are needed, but this is a good start.
Then, some more work got done on my EPP project.  A lot of basting on these tiny diamonds took up most of my time and a few diamonds got sewn onto a section of my project.
I was so glad  to have this work with me.  The only thing is my stuff smells of cigarette smoke.  My cousin is a smoker and although he smoked by the stove with the exhaust fan working, the smoke smell still got into my bags and my fabric.  My projects are now being aired to rid them of the smell. 

Oh well .....

Once I got home, this project on my design wall kept calling to me.  The right side border is now sewn together.  The left side border is slowing being worked on.  I will plug away on this project until it is done. 
Cherish your day!


julieQ said...

First of all...I do cherish my day and I am happy for your reminder! Love your scraps...your EPP...and your applique! Lovely, lovely!

Jennifer said...

As one generation of a family passes the next one becomes the oldest......my generation is now the oldest, and I am the oldest of that generation. Your applique will be lovely! There is nothing worse than the smell of smoke when you aren't the smoker, I have found airing fabric outside - weather permitting - is the best way to get rid of the smell.

Kyle said...

Yes, we need to cherish everyday. I'm sorry about the passing of your Aunt. It's hard when we become the next generation. Those diamonds are tiny,but look great. You've been working on a fabulous variety of projects.