Monday, May 21, 2018

Scrap progress

Progress on this scrappy project is moving along quite nicely.  Six blocks are done on the center section.
Oh. what the heck .... might as well get the other blocks made and then the center will be done and ready for the striped border blocks.  That is exactly what I did.  🐱🐱   Now, those striped blocks are giving me a bit of grief trying to sew them together.  They will need to be worked on a bit, but I will figure out something and show a photo of before and after.
The other project on my design wall is my EPP Xmas take-a-long.  All the bottom pieces are now sewn together (a photo and a post about this project will be coming soon).  This project came with me to the cottage this weekend.  Since it was raining and cold, this was a welcome project to sew while sitting beside the wood stove.
The other job that needs to get done are these glass items to hang on our apple tree in our backyard.  How did these get started?  Ruth Kennedy came twice to our day guild.  Once for a trunk show and we were so impressed with her quilts that we invited her back the following year to do a workshop.  Each time Ruth came, she stayed with my husband and I and she brought the brown oval glass balls that you see on the right.  The glass hearts came from my sister each time she visited Mexico and the large green/yellow glass ball on the top was a Xmas gift from a nephew and his family.  I foresee more of these popping up every now and then since a collection has been started.  So lovely!
It is hard to see, but all these glass balls are hanging in our apple tree.  They shine ever so delightfully as they twirl in the sun.  There was even a hummingbird that had to come and investigate.  It didn't stay, but found the balls interesting, especially anything with red on them.  Our hill is slowly coming to life after a very long winter and spring.  So nice to see green once again.
Have a great stitching day!


julieQ said...

You too, have a great stitching day! Your glass baubles are so pretty, as is your patchwork.

Jennifer said...

Scrappy Roses is coming along well......but I love your EPP project, so bright and cheerful! Those glass baubles are gorgeous, they would be so pretty in the sunshine.

Jeanne A. said...

The scrappy rose print fabric is so pretty - such a lovely pink and green - I will be very interested to see the finished project.

Vacuum Wing said...

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