Sunday, May 13, 2018

Another treasure

From the hoard of scraps (all the bags and boxes sitting on top of wood planks) that I picked up this week from the guild member, another small box has been opened and the treasures inside are coming out to be revealed.
This project was in a bag.  No pattern.  Just blocks and fabric.  This is what I envision.  Upon looking at the layout .... I wonder what the original pattern was meant to be?

This I will finish and donate to charity.
There might be enough fabric to complete the blocks.  Some of the strips may need to be pieced for the longer strips needed.  The striped blocks that you see (below) cannot be used.  They don't match the other ones that are laid out on the design wall above.  But, they will be kept and added to my orphan blocks to make a sampler quilt one day.
This is just one small  reveal.  The other stuff in the box will be pulled out later.  I really have to remind myself to do this slowly.  It truly is overwhelming and I have to remind myself to be wise and pass on things however tempting they may be to keep. 

Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

There are probably many more puzzles to be revealed from that stash of fabrics yet!

Kyle said...

What an interesting and exciting treasure hunt. It makes me wonder what someone would think of what they would find in my boxes and bags.