Thursday, May 10, 2018

helping others

I've been busy helping out others.

My elderly neighbour wanted a quilt for her grandson, but doesn't quilt.  She asked me for help.  She bought the panel, shopped my stash for the ruffle which she made and attached to the panel with instructions on how to do it.  Months passed because life events happened on both sides.  Then we got together and sandwiched the quilt.  Scraps of left over batting were used.  We birthed the quilt and then because I have all the accessories, I machine quilted the quilt.   She was quite fascinated with all my gadgets and went home with the knowledge that there was much more involved in quilt making than she ever thought.

Weeks passed and I would work on the quilt here and there.  Some hand quilting was done in the center portion to finish the look.  Sometimes, it is just easier to do things by hand.   Finally, it was done, washed and dried and I walked it over to her home.   She offered to pay me for the work, but I declined.  She did promise to get back at me in other ways, which I'm sure she will.

She is very happy with the quilt and excited to give it to her grandson.  Done is such a marvellous word!
Then, a guild member (Andree is the founding member of our day guild and is in her 80's) wanted to get rid of scraps and odds and ends.  She knows how much I love making scrap quilts and asked me first.  Everything sitting on top of the wooden planks are what was given to me.  I will go through these piles and keep what I want and the rest will go to QOV quilts, charity quilts and to the encore table at day guild for members to buy at great prices.  Money raised on the encore table go to charity.  So, it is a win-win for everyone.
Just one small box was opened and perused.  This is what was inside.  Treasures!

A rug hooking piece that will go to Karin (garage girl) and if she can't use it, she knows someone who will.
I think all the pieces are here to make this quilt.  This will be good for a donation quilt.
 Panels ....
 .... and more panels.
 This box looked interesting.
 Embroidered pieces.  Should I finish this one or pass it on?
 Strips of blocks.  A row-by-row perhaps?
That was one small box.  I'm itching to get into the other boxes and bags, but slowly would be best so not to be overwhelmed.

I emailed Andree and thanked her for passing her things to me and she replied back:  good new/bad news.  Good news:  she has peace of mind that someone else will be making good use of her things.  Bad news:  she found more scraps and small yardage to give away!  LOL  Another trip to her home is in the works.

Have a great stitching day!

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Jennifer said...

Wow.....what a treasure trove, and even more to come! The little panel quilt is sweet.